[Android] Add ‘Hollywood style’ effects to your videos with FxGuru

unnamed (13)FxGuru is an app that will make your amateur videos look more professional by adding impressive effects. This app is perfect for those who prefer sharing videos instead of sharing photos. It is also great for those who occasionally take videos to document a specific event or special occasion as this app will help the video stand out from your other traditional videos.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app is simply designed to make your videos look more professional and pleasing to the eye. It uses a variety of effects to achieve a unique look that will make your videos stand out from any other video that will be commonly viewed.


  • Wide variety of possible effects
  • MotionMatch technology
  • Effects of elongated lengths
  • Visual Decals


  • Some effects too unrealistic
  • Advertisement at end of video
  • Slow and buggy


unnamed (14)While there are plenty of apps out there that modify photos, it can be incredibly difficult to find apps that can successfully  modify videos. FxGuru is an app that aims to add special effects to videos that you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. While the service is far from perfect, it is certainly capable of outputting unique videos that will undoubtedly impress your friends and family. It uses relatively advanced technology to make sure the transition between an unedited video and the edited one is almost seamless, as to give the impression that the video you are watching is in fact real.

You are given 3 effects for free, while the others must be paid for through in-app purchases. The ones you get for free are an old satellite crashing to earth, a UFO soaring over head, and a TNT barrel exploding. If you feel so inclined to purchase ore effects, you can get a variety of sci-fi and action-related effects. This will be based along the same lines as the free effects. The developers claim there is MotionMatch technology that makes it easy to add these effects in a live video that you are filming. These effects can be pretty long so you can milk milk the effect for all it’s worth. There are virtual decals which will guide you to aligning your shots seamlessly with your desired effects.

While the app generally performs well, it can be incredibly slow and laggy on lower-end phones. This is unfortunate because it really limits the potential user base. Additionally, it would be nice if the app offered effects that are a little more believable. I realize that the purpose of the app is to provide unrealistic effects for uniqueness, it just seems like the effects can really only be used for fun. The biggest problem is an advertisement that is placed at the end of the video. I would prefer to pay a little bit for the app in favor of removing the advertisement that simply takes away from the overall professionalism of your created video.

Conclusion and download link

Generally speaking, this app performs pretty well. While it can be laggy, if you are using a modern device, then you shouldn’t have any issue. This app is absolutely geared towards having fun and not really making “professional” videos. However, making unrealistic videos can be incredibly fun and if that is something you are interested in, then this app may be perfect for you.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.4

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 50mb

FxGuru on Play Store

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