• David

    I follow those instructions but it doesn’t seem to work. I put in the correct Username and Password but when Windows 8 starts it still ask me to enter my password. Then I tried Logonexpert and use the same login details and it works. But I’m not going to pay $25 for that tool just to auto login. Has anyone had similar trouble

  • taho

    if you guys need more than simple autologon (for example lock, unlock, start screen bypass etc) take a look at Logonexpert tool

  • Ashraf

    @barney: Something must have went wrong. The article simply points out functionality that is built into Windows 8; no tweaks or anything involved that would cause your computer to be screwed up.
    And, if Tu did not bother to to check as you say, I’m not sure how he could come up with the screenshots o_O

  • barney

    Do you bother to check these things?

    Did *exactly* as your article said. The startup screen message is that my password is incorrect. But when I enter the [unchanged] password, I get the same message. And the system will not start even in safe mode w/o it.

    That system is now bricked until I find time to reinstall.