Is it possible to have a thoughtful discussion on the Internet? [Comic]

Ever try to have a thoughtful discussion with someone (or some group) on the Internet, may that be in a forum, on a blog, in a chat room, or elsewhere? If you have tried, then you probably know meaningful discussions on the Internet are few and far between. Ever wonder why this is? Why can humanity seemingly not intelligently communicate digitally? This is why; check it out:



[via GeeksAreSexy, comic credit: Jim Benton]

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  • Ashraf

    @Col. Panek: How did you figure out my secret?

  • jayesstee

    @Col. Panek: I don’t know what their
    username(s) are, but I’m sure I’ve seen some of their posts on dotTech and elsewhere!

  • Col. Panek
  • Bruce Fraser

    One way to encourage civility in online discussions is for people to use their real names. I’ve always done that, and I’ve never understood the practice of pseudonyms. Yes, for countries with repressive regimes; but for most of the world – what’s the problem with being transparent about who we are?

  • kevbo

    @Col. Panek: LOL, good one! and way back in 1996, too.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    The question is “is it *possible*”.
    Yes, of course, it *is*”possible”.
    Perhaps the question *should* be;
    “Is it *likely*”?
    And, of course, the answer is;
    “Are you freaking CRAZY?!”
    Remember, most people don’t seem to know how computers work, much less how to *use* a computer.
    Then add in the [apparent] age of most ‘respondents’, and it should be clear that most of these children don’t know how to think, much less carry on an intelligent or thoughtful discussion.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I’ve had some very civil, thought provoking discussions on the Internet on topics as varied as religion, politics, sports, history and even gardening. But I’ve also encountered my fair share of knuckleheads like the one depicted in the comic, too.

  • Col. Panek

    “We’ve heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true.”
    – Robert Wilensky, 1996

  • Someguy

    Literally Laughing Out Loud!

  • O this hilarious comic is overreacted.
    Of course there’s a lot of serious and great discussion on the net.

  • jayesstee

    DotTech is proof that you can! :=))

  • Kraal

    One time a long time ago, I had an amazing discussion with someone over the internet about what love really was. It was on the site Gaia online, in a guild’s(or whatever version of that gaia had) forum. Our posts were well thought out, and the discussion went for quite a bit until we both finally reached the point where all we could do was agree with or accept the others points.

    I wish that I had saved the discussion before I stopped using Gaia, because it was alot of fun.

    So yes, it is possible to have a thoughtful discussion on the internet. You just need to be careful of who you start one with.