The problem with belts: they never fit perfectly [Comic]

Ever since I was young, I have been a habitual belt user for almost all the pants I own. Why? Well it started out due to my scrawny size but now I just think it is cool (for better or for worse). Due to by excess use of belts, I have learned something which I’m sure most dotTechies will probably agree with: belts never fit perfectly. Yeah…


[via Doghousediaries]

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  • oldtimer56

    The answer is suspenders, bright red ones…..

  • Mike

    @David Roper: EXACTLY. My only problems are, I keep on going through the leather-woven belts; and they stretch out and loosen over time, necessitating my tucking the tail end in behind the belt (although I kind of like that, seeming iconoclastic).

  • Interesting post. They are hard to find but every now and then I find these belts – I call them analog belts, which can be adjusted to any point along it’s length. They are made of leather and go fine with formal wear. They use friction to hold themselves. They have teeth that dig in and hold their position.

    Another option if you can stand them is velco belts. Obviously these don’t go with formals, but are especially good if you have a camera hanging from your neck, so they don’t scratch the viewfinder. They are incredibly light and work very well. I found them on ebay being sold by the manufacturer for about $10. I can’t seem to find them anymore though. Now, I wish I’d gotten a few.

    I did find this. They are expensive and have leather variants too.

    There are other velcro belts on google too.

  • David Roper

    Ah, finally something I know about. The ultimate belt is the Army or Air Force or Navy belt with the the little slider bar to cause the friction to keep the belt where needed. The trouble is it LOOKS likes a military belt.

    So the one I use today is the leather woven belt that can be adjusted at every weave point on the belt. I recently went from 230 to 190 in the hospital and I really appreciated the different set points on the belt. My pants looked pitiful but I could keep them up above my butt.

    My question is how do the youngsters of the day keep their pants up when they are baggin’ and saggin’ and showing their underwear. My pants would be around my knees. That’s the secret untold.

  • Terry Nachtmerrie

    Yeah, those old school belts stinks. Lucky for us, they invented better belts a long time ago. I have a bunch of belts that are basicly cords with 2 rings on one end in which you can lock the other end.(kinda hard to explain :p) Always a perfect fit.