“Aliens communicate through baby’s body” [Video]


If you never believed in aliens before, the following video may change your tune. Check it out:


[via TO]

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  • jayesstee

    Makes more sense than some of my posts!

  • Donna

    Just goes to show there is more to it then we know. She is definitely telling something. Oh, I wish we could just decipher it. Probably would be another good laugh!

  • tejas

    @Hamza: Whatever language it is, my granddaughter speaks it.
    One night last week, I thought my wife had turned on the baby monitor, and my little Chicklette was awake, and talking as she does every morning. I made a comment about the baby being awake so late, and my wife started laughing, and told me, “that’s not our jabber-bot”…… she was watching this video. ;)

  • Hamza

    Which language is this? LOL !