How to feed the homeless [Video]


Most people are in support of helping homeless people, whether that be via direct monetary aid, giving food, or support food banks/kitchens. Check out the following video that shows a… unique… way to feed the homeless. A bit of commentary on this method after the video. Check it out:

…I have no idea how that worked. Do pizza parlors really give away free pizza to undercover cops?!

As I said, most people are in support helping the homeless but I’m not sure most people will support the method shown in the above video. First of all, let’s make it clear that, yes, while the end result was a couple of homeless people getting fed, what the three guys in the above video did is a prank — a prank on the pizza place. Secondly, yeah, I’m in support of helping homeless people (to a reasonable financial extent) but someone has to pay for the pizza. I’ve never worked in the pizza industry before so I may be wrong but it could very well be that the person who took this order could get the free pizza docked from his/her pay if his/her manager finds out s/he gave a pizza away for free. Lastly, it feels like the homeless couple were used for a few cheap laughs in guise of feeding the homeless… or maybe that is just me. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

[via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Gene

    i’ve seen lots of college kids driving mom or dad’s car and delivering pizza to make a little cash.

    It was paid for, he mentioned giving them a credit card, surely you don’t think he’s actually going to give his number out in the video?

  • JonE

    [@jack] A bit of a late response, but you’re right; I never thought of that. But, most pizza delivery drivers have some sort of identification on their cars, either on the door, or the roof, to identify them as being associated with the company they’re delivering for; there is no such ID on this, so called, delivery persons car. And I’ve never seen a pizza delivery person driving a such a nice car, and that includes the days when I delivered pizza – it’s possible, but I doubt it.

    And you are right; regardless of the reason a couple of people got the help they needed.

  • jack

    Who’s to say that they hadn’t already ordered and paid for the pizza themselves and then made a spoof video of the guy on the phone to the pizza parlour and the phone might not even actually be connected or even switched on. people are adding too much into the video from their own imaginations.

    Plus couldn’t the guy who delivered the pizza just be another one of their pals who had just gone and collected and paid for the pizza himself too?

    Anyway whether or not they got cheap laughs etc or whatever reason they did this for at the very least the two people got fed when they probably needed it most!

  • JonE

    Do pizza parlors really give away free pizza to undercover cops?! NO! They don’t; not to cops or anyone else. The only pizza place I know of that gives away Free pizza is Papa John’s, but not like this.

    And as several others have said the pizza was paid for; check the video again at the forty to forty one second mark. They certainly weren’t going to leave the camera rolling while he gave his credit card number.

    I don’t know that the motives of these men were all that honorable, I also don’t know that they weren’t. The video does illuminate the fact that there are people hurting in this country; a lot in fact. I figured out that this video was most likely done in Columbus, Ohio. The outlying areas fanning out around that location are some of the hardest hit in the nation; lots of unemployment and much, much higher than any figure you’ve ever seen.

    I’ve been in lots of pantries around my area and never once have seen a free pizza given, but what I have seen is in the last few years is the number of people coming to pantries has increased dramatically; I estimate a two hundred or more percent increase from just a couple years ago. There are a lot of hurting people out there, the greater percentage of them hard working people who now no longer have jobs and can’t find work. And most of them have never had to ask for help in their lives, and many of those did what they could to help when help was needed, but are no longer able to. And now that they need help they really don’t know how to ask; it’s certainly more difficult to ask for help than it is to give it.

    So, if you know someone in need, and you are able to help, don’t wonder whether you should, just go do it.

    You just never know when you might need the same kind of help some day.

  • They did pay for the pizza – he gave them his credit card.

    This is the first “positive” pranks I’ve seen, where no one is hurt or embarrassed.

    It wasn’t too funny, but it was a good gesture. They could have given it themselves, but some (not all) homeless will not take obvious charity. It’s arguably a little different when a pizza delivery guy delivers the food though.

  • Kathryn

    @Tom: Maybe they wanted to be anonymous – after all the pizza place would not deliver without it being paid for and he did give his credit card. Perhaps it wasn’t a prank but a good jester and no one got embarassed by the sending or receiving in person.

  • Keith

    3 guys I don’t know walk up to me and offer me a free pizza. Do I take it? I’d have to be really desperate. Perhaps I’m less trusting than most.

    On the other hand, I went thru a McDonald’s drive thru the other night and the car ahead of me – people I don’t know – paid for my meal when they got theirs. No idea why, but it seems that it happens around here all the time. I guess “share what and when you can” isn’t completely dead in the world after all!

  • BeeGee

    Seems like the pizza person / company got hosed through no fault of theirs (is anyone claiming the pizza parlor industry exploits anyone) and the bozos in the car got a good laugh.

    If the bozos in the car cared about feeding the homeless they could have each chipped in a few bucks and then, instead of laughing at the gullible pizza parlor, done a triple fist bump over a small gesture in making someones life a little better that day.

  • Tom

    First, I’m not sure the pizza delivery wasn’t paid for. There’s mention of a credit card exchange in the video.

    That said, I don’t see the humor in this. In fact it is wholly crass. The 3 guys could have simply drove up and offered pizza directly the “homeless” couple.

  • Peter

    @John Cavebe: Hard to say whether it is OK to betray the pizza delivery service for good reasons, but if one does, one should not boast about it.

  • John Cavebe

    These guys did it for a joke. It cost them nothing but cost someone something. They didn’t really give anything themselves to those poor homeless people. Why didn’t they just buy the pizzas and give them themselves?