Social commentary on marriage [Comic]

How many dotTechies are married? My guess is a good majority of us are. I am and, as I have made so ever abundantly clear, I have the best, most beautiful wife in the world. (Sorry guys, the truth hurts.) And I’m not just saying that because she will (might) read this. So while I may not agree with the social commentary in the following comic, I can appreciate the humor. Check it out:



[via Twaggies]

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  • JMJ

    @Ron Helton: Only because she trained and domesticated you so completely and well she knows you’re not going anywhere, my friend. :-) Good for you two!

  • Ron Helton

    Well my woman thought it was funny. LOL

  • JMJ

    @Seamus McSeamus: Hope your’s lasts a lifetime. Mine didn’t and, still regretting I never got the “mother-in-law opportunity” before its end, I was wondering: May I borrow yours?

    Truth-be-told: Actually, still hangout with the Old Girl, drinking coffee and arguing politics.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Happily married, and never once have I contemplated hurling myself into a jet engine. Throwing my mother-in-law into one, maybe.

  • JMJ

    Only (some) guys will find this funny. I’ll bet a cup of coffee that, with that point of view, either he is bitterly divorced or soon will be.