This corny comic about diamonds will make you laugh [Comic]

Sometimes the comics we feature on dotTech are funny; other times, they are not. Today I have a comic that I am sure will make you laugh. I quite literally laughed out loud when I read it.

Before I show you the comic, let me explain the background of the joke. Diamonds are essentially carbon that has been put under a lot of pressure at high temperatures for millions (billions?) of years. Coal contains quite a bit of carbon. Get it? Now check out the following comic:



[via Threadless, Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Trev

    @etim: Same here. I don,t know how Ashraf worked it out.

  • etim

    Well, I’m glad you explained the comic beforehand. Otherwise I’d still be wondering how two talking turds would be related to a diamond!

  • Tom

    You didn’t need to explain the comic. We’re not that slow on the uptake, and it defused the impact. Besides, it was viewable on the home page without clicking through.