The problem with flying: airlines keep charging you extra [Comic]

Having family that lives in other parts of the world, since a kid I have been a regular traveler by air. I remember when I was younger we were allowed to carry two checked-in bags weighing 70 lbs each, didn’t have to pay extra for seats with extra leg space (just had to be lucky), etc. Nowadays, however, it seems like airlines are trying to squeeze out as much money as possible from customers. This is particularly bad with American airlines. So the following comic, while funny, is unfortunately closer to truth than you may realize. Check it out:



[via Dilbert]

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  • jayesstee

    There is an Irish airline called Ryanair, operating out of Ireland and the UK to Europe. They are famous for offering “no frills” flights at very low prices, sometimes as low as £1. But there are extras, booking fees, luggage fees, boarding card fees, credit card fees and probably others. (I flew with them once to Italy, never again!) With this in mind have a look at the following video:

  • Fran

    As long as they don’t put me on a scale when checking in…. After all, a skinny person with a 70 lb bag weighs the same as a fat one with only a carry-on.

    But maybe we should pay by body weight. That may encourage me to shed some pounds and same $$.

  • Shawn

    Forget the old saying you want fries with that…

    The new airline one is do you want a parachute with that…

    Seriously I’ll take the original planes over the new crap they build most of it is built too damn fast without proper testing..

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a priest at the plane entry doing the last sermons soon…

  • ttfitz

    This is pretty funny. But I have to admit, I kinda like the new pricing dynamic, at least in theory. Why should I pay the same amount to fly with one small carry-on bag as the guy with two 70 lb suitcases? Or just have the luck of the draw as to who gets the better seat? Why should I pay for a meal (or a bag of peanuts) that I probably won’t eat much of?

    But as one of my favorite expressions says, In theory, practice and theory should be the same; in practice, they usually aren’t. If the airlines would be more upfront about what all the charges are, and the barebones starting price better, it would be a great thing. Maybe some bundling like the cable/telephone/internet people do, save a little if you buy an extra bag and meal. But no, it’s much like the Dilbert strip here.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Don’t forget the extra charge for breathing while on the plane. It costs them money to recycle that air, after all.