Tiger + snowball = unique pic [Amazing Photo of the Day]

How many dotTechies have lived, or live, in an area that receives regular snow? If you have, or do, then you probably have played in the snow… including pelting others (friends, family, neighbors, the ice cream truck, etc.) with snowballs. Have you ever tried throwing a snowball at an angry tiger? Check it out:

Sumatran tiger at Dudley Zoological Gardens catching a snowball, Dudley, West Midlands, Britain - 22 Jan 2013

[via Reddit]

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  • Susanne

    No, but when I was a kid I accidently (I SWEAR!) nailed the Chief of Police on the back of the head with one. I lived in a very small town where everyone knew everyone else (and knew their kids), and you would not believe the trouble I got in. I was shoveling sidewalks for a month!

    Fabulous kitty picture, btw.

  • thegreenwizard

    It would make a good goal keeper.

  • Mags

    That Tiger doesn’t look angry, to me it looks like it is getting ready to catch the snowball and play with it.

    My dog reacts the same way when I toss snowballs at him to play with or run after.

  • BearPup

    Growing up, the dog of my school’s headmaster, a beautiful golden retriever, loved to chase snowballs! She would beg ceaselessly till you would make a snowball and throw it for her to chase after.