LMAO! This guy is clearly not fit for a career in boxing [Image]

Ever hurt yourself by accident? I am not talking about dropping something on your big toe. Rather, I am referring to things like accidentally biting down on your tongue, kicking your leg while walking, and… punching yourself in the face. If you have done the latter than you probably know you will never become a professional boxer. Someone tell that to the guy in the following animated GIF. Check it out:





[via Reddit]

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  • Yeah, Mr. Dave, the estimable Ashraf’s prolly just too young, but here in the office we thought your V8 crack was witty and it gave us a good laugh.

  • jim

    [@Mr.Dave] Dude, I totally got the V8 joke & it WAS funny!

  • Mr.Dave

    [@Ashraf] I guess to understand my comment you need to have seen the long series of ads for “V8” vegetable drink. They showed a person who failed to drink V8, and therefore had some undesirable fate befall them. Their “punchline” was to hit themselves on their forehead and say “I could have had a V8!”

    Any joke that needs that much explaining simply isn’t funny, sorry!

  • Ashraf

    [@Donna] Ditto.

    [@Mike] Who says it doesnt? :-P

    [@Mr.Dave] V8?

  • Mr.Dave

    He could have had a V8!

  • Mike

    When you consider how complex the body is, amazing that this does not happen more frequently.

  • Donna

    Boxing so not my thing. But that was too funny!