Another Windows fail thanks to poor Microsoft coding [Image]

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world, and it has plenty (plenty) of issues. Some people argue these issues are because it is impossible for Microsoft to code for and accommodate all the different hardware out there; others say it is because Microsoft sucks at coding. Which camp is right? My guess is a little of both. However, when an official Windows Service Pack fails to install but at the same time tells you operation was completed successfully… it is hard to blame anyone but Microsoft. Check it out:



[via Reddit]

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  • riya

    I think it all depends on system settings or something like that…while some have problems with windows others with mac.. but I think linux is a better than the others.

  • mukhi

    [@michel] fine, my experience is just the opposite. and, IMO, if windows would give most trouble-free experience, people won’t buy mac/OSX (despite mac is so over-priced) or install linux (despite less number of apps exists there).

  • Trev (Down Under)

    Funny, Good find.

  • michel

    [@mukhi] No, I meant paying attention to all the trouble with their Os’s that Linux and Mac users have.

    I don’t know why you assume I haven’t used them. I have. Windows remains the most problem free experience.

  • mukhi

    [@michel] paying attention? for updates, what kind of attention you want me to pay? i just choose mandatory updates, and that’s it. if you say windows is most problem free OS, you haven’t used OSX or even linux ubuntu. and, this is a statement from someone who is still loyal to windows.

  • ewmith

    Error: DS_S_SUCCESS(0x0)

    A successful error?

    Their exception handling is a little homicidal.

  • michel

    [@mukhi] That just means you’re not paying attention. It’s a myth that a certain operating system has no problems and always just works. In my experience – not inconsiderable – Windows is still the most stable, problem free os.

  • AFPhy6

    Ah – another case in point – I am still running FireFox-7 … Will go to something like FF-17 when I get time, for HTML5, but so far that is not necessary. I’ll update Java when I do, though, but even then I won’t change my Java habits.

  • AFPhy6

    I decided long ago to instruct “updaters” to keep their hands off my system.

    If it is working, I normally disallow ANY updates, whether system, drivers, or programs. The one exception is selected firewall/antimalware programs. (I’ve not even updated Java yet, though I have disabled it for almost all web sites.) If I were someone who was “adventurous” in what I allowed on my computer, or in my surfing habits, that might bite me due to nasty exploits, but I’ve avoided nearly all bites for over the last ten years on my old WinXP systems.

    If I decide that there is some reason to do updates, I will do all at the same time after backing up the system. I have found this to be a reliable way to maintain my system.

    It is not only Windows: I work with Linux the same way, though I am a bit more free with applications there.

    AFPhys {(.If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)}

  • mukhi

    i can tell you my story…
    in my sony vaio with win7pro64, after a couple of update failed (and, it kept failing even after some long time with no further update), i had no other option but to go for recovery since restore did not work as the system could not find a restore point!
    after that, i decided to dual-boot with ubuntu. things were going OK until another update fail happened that made the system freeze during restart making me totally frustrated and pi$$ed off about the system.
    i decided to format and sell the system.

    i am still afraid of windows update in my other machines. until the system restarts successfully after finishing update installation, i keep praying. honestly, i have never heard of this kinda situation in OSX or linux systems.