Check out the King Cheetah, an extremely rare type of cheetah spotted in the wild only six times [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Love big cats? Don’t love big cats? Who cares, today we have a special treat to share.

I am pretty sure we are all well aware of cheetahs, a type of wild cat. However, do you know there is a particular type of cheetah, called King Cheetah, that is extremely rare and unique. It is different than other cheetahs do its fur pattern. Check it out:


For comparison, here is a normal cheetah (who just happens to be peeing on a tree, aka marking his territory):


See the difference?

King Cheetahs are extremely rare with their first known sighting in 1926. Since then, King Cheetahs have only been sighted five other times in the wild (for a total of six sightings). The first photo of a King Cheetahs was taken in 1974 and scientific information on the King Cheetah was miniscule due to their rarity. However, in 1981 two sister cheetahs gave birth to one King Cheetah each in De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre in South Africa, after which it was determined King Cheetahs are the same species as regular cheetahs. More King Cheetahs have been born at the center since then.

[via Wikipedia]

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