Even jaguars have mastered the art of puppydog eyes [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Is that the “wow I’m going to have a great dinner” look or a “are you sure you won’t do as I say” look?

[via Facebook]

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  • Tiddles

    Keep the kitty photos coming!

  • Susanne

    I think it’s a “oh, please, can I get into your lap and cuddle and purr and knead your sweater and drool and–“. Oh, wait. That’s MY cat.

    This one, maybe not so much. Maybe more of a “hmm, wonder which part is the tastiest?” [Actually. I agree with Kathryn, it looks more fascinated & curious than anything.] Love those kitties, Ashraf!

  • Kathryn

    This is probably a young cat and is very inquisitive. Great photo. Thanks for sharing.