Computer problems caused by viruses vs problems you think are caused by viruses [Comic]


At the risk of inflicting unrepairable harm to my good name, I must admit I am part of the group that like to blame viruses for non-virus related problems. Are you?

[via xkcd]

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  • josh

    No it wouldn’t make sense. This is supposed to be a Venn diagram where the circles overlap a little, and the area in the overlap is the common ground between the two ideas or principles. What’s funny is that the circles don’t overlap at all meaning there is never any common ground between the actual problems caused by viruses and the problems people think are caused by them.

  • etim

    I don’t get it.
    It would make sense if the balloon on the right was much smaller than the left, though.

  • JonE

    Yeah! And what’s worse is there are reputable sites out there promoting these clean up your PC sites too.

    If I have some problem I can’t solve I always take it to one of two local shops. That doesn’t happen often, good thing too, because in each case I end up being red faced; usually a connector that’s lost connectivity and just needs to be reseated, but I’ve learned from each incident. Although there was one time I broke the Mother Board installing a CPU fan. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for a new board, but I did decide it’s much better to pay them to do the work and assume the responsibility for whatever might go wrong.

    Oh there are times when things aren’t working as advertised and I wonder whether I may have picked up some malware, but that’s very rare, and I’ve never had a virus that I can remember.

    When people call or email me about a computer problem they nearly always say they think they have a virus. About a year ago a fellow explained his problem. I told him how to check the problem out to verify if it was a hardware problem or just a bad driver or something else. After he told me what he found I told him to go the manufacturers site and download the latest drivers and install them and that he might have to uninstall the current driver and then reinstall. He went out and bought a new monitor. No virus.

    Even more recently a gal wrote me telling me her near four hundred Gig Hard Drive filled up all by itself. She has every program on her computer set to update, upgrade automatically. And she had no idea about how System Restore stores files. I told her what she needed to do. She decided it would be easier to use the restore disk, that came with her laptop, and set everything back to factory settings; Groan!

    When someone calls or writes asking for my help it usually ends up being too many startups and countless toolbars. I will reduce the startups to a manageable level and delete all toolbars except for things like Netcraft, LinkExtend, and other security toolbars. They will call me back months later with the same problem and there are all the startups and toolbars I got rid of months earlier, all back again.

    I can’t remember ever having had to deal with a virus; malware yes, and some of it real nasty. But, the biggest problem I’ve ever run into is users that have the mentality of I should be able to do whatever I want to with my computer and everything should just work. Unfortunately they manage their lives in the same manner. This is a sore issue with me.

    Flat tire on your car? Virus!! I like that.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    With these ripoff commercials running on TV from MyCleanPC and the like, it’s easy for people to assume their computer problems are caused by a virus. Slow computer? Virus!! Slow internet speed? Virus!! Printer not working? Virus!! Flat tire on your car? Virus!!

  • Kelltic

    I used to call techs for help. They always told me my problem was a virus and I needed to re-install Windows. B.S. I gave up on them. It never was a virus and I haven’t re-installed windows in many years.