Another feature every web browser should have [Image]


Any browser that has such a feature would win me over instantly. I hate (hate) when I’m surfing the web and all of a sudden I start hearing video or audio play but have no clue which website it is coming from. So I have to cycle through my own tabs to try to find the website and, if all else fails, simply start closing websites hoping that I find the culprit sooner rather than later.

[via Cracked]

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  • Eric989

    If only web browsers were adding useful features instead of taking them away. It seems that FireFox has recently taken away the feature to bookmark all tabs. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it still hidden somewhere?

  • AFPhy6


    Thanks, Darcy… I will grab that right now. I usually simply block Flash from the get go… but this may serve me even better.

  • jack

    I was wondering if you use “correct spelling….” or “check spelling as you type”? And if you do if you could also do with a reminder to proof read what you’ve just written?

    I know I definitely could because I quite often forget to re-read what I have written and end up sending texts and emails with words in them that cause sentences to be incomprehensible….

    Some of my friends have gotten so used to it by now, in this digital age, that they are able to instantly substitute the correct word for the incorrect one and are also happy to overlook these mistakes because of their own tendency to do same…..

    I came up with this because I’m hoping that, where “opening” is printed in the last sentence of your article, that you meant to put the word “hoping” instead.

    And I’m not being critical because it seems quite funny that nowadays that it is not because people can’t spell but because they are using a spelling correcter that they end up with a completely wrong word in their sentences mainly because we human beings, as a species, always go for the shortest route to get to our goal.

    Which means that rather than going back to correct the word we then presume that the people we are writing to or messaging are actually quite clever enough and able enough to automatically put in the correct word to make the sentence properly understandable!

    I don’t know of any app that does this yet, but maybe you do? Great blog by the way, and I like the way it is always evolving, just like people are.

  • Trev (Down Under)


  • Zapped Sparky

    [@Kelltic] I’m glad I’m not the only one :) The most recent that got me wandering about muttering to myself was a defragger giving a very soft bell(?) tone to inform me it had finished.

  • In Firefox, I use an addon called “Flashblock” which stops any flash video or audio from playing automatically. Never had this problem again. I have an extra click to actually watch or hear anything I want to, even YouTube videos, but it’s a small price to pay IMO.

  • Kelltic

    First couple of times that happened I started walking around the room, listening here, listening there. Thought I was losing my mind. :D

  • Tom

    The latest Chrome browser (I use Canary, so I’m unsure of the exact version) animates the tab icon when this occurs. Works nicely!. I open 20 tabs at once, and know immediately which is the offender(s).