What are the best alternatives to Google Reader? [Ask dotTechies]

rss_iconGoogle Reader is on its last breathe. RSS fiends need to find a substitute. I’m sure among the multiple thousands heads we have here on dotTech we can figure out viable — maybe even better — alternatives to Google Reader. So let ’em rip. In the comments below, share with us your knowledge of RSS readers/aggregators that you feel can serve as alternatives to Google Reader. Feel free to suggest online-based solutions and/or programs and apps on specific operating systems.

I’ll get us started with a few:

Now your turn. Head over to the comments and share your wisdom with us!

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  1. JonE

    “Feed Demon” is terminally ill; when “Google Reader” dies then “Feed Demon” will die along with it, since “Feed Demon” is dependent on “Google Reader”. I did download “Feed Demon” once, when the reader I use, “Brief”, was experiencing lots of problems, but never installed because of that dependency. And so, all “Feed Demon” users will, from what I know, have to be looking for an alternative, as well.

    I do not use a mobile device so I’m not sure how much I can help, but the list that Ashraf and [@Nick Kellet] both provide seem to offer quite a few alternative. I did find this top five list from CNET, that lists all the alternatives that the two lists mentioned above offer, except one. http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-57574201-233/google-reader-is-dying-but-we-have-five-worthy-alternatives.

    If you’re a “Firefox” user then you might consider “Brief”. “Brief” is a “Firefox add-on extension. There for a while I almost got rid of it because it was not being maintained and had quite a few problems, but all has been fixed and it works quite well.

  2. JohnnyG

    FeedDemon is in my core of “must have” programs. I’ve used it for several years now with now problems or complaints. One of its strengths for me is that it is an offline reader. I collect the feeds whenever I want and then read them whenever I want.