Google is shutting down Google Reader, will no longer be available after July 1, 2013


Google has recently gone on a diet and started getting rid of products and services deemed inferior, unpopular, or a failure. The latest victim in Google’s “spring cleaning” is Google’s extremely popular RSS feed aggregation service, Google Reader. Google has announced it closing Google Reader on July 1, 2013.

Come that date, Google Reader will be shut down and Google Reader users will no longer have access to their Google Reader accounts and associated feeds. If you want to keep your feeds, you have until July 1 to use Google Takeout to export your feeds from Google Reader or else you will lose them forever.

Wow, I’m stunned. I did not see this coming. Google Reader is hardly inferior, unpopular, or a failure. It is very popular and widely used by many RSS fans. The official reasons for Google Reader’s desime are “usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re [Google] pouring all of our energy into fewer products” but I’m guessing Google Reader is unprofitable. Whatever the reason, I think this is a big blunder on Google’s part. After all, Google is an advertising company and what better way to improve targeted ads by knowing what websites people like to follow? Plus, many people use Google Reader and Google is just pissing them off by shutting it down.

On the bright side, all is not lost. Feedly, a popular news aggregator, plans on releasing a Google Reader clone running on Google Apps Engine once Google Reader shuts down. They say they will offer seamless migration so you can move from Google Reader to Feedly without much issue.

[via Official Google Blog]

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  • Coyote

    [@Brett] Testing the web app out now. Having used the feedly android app I can say that’s better than reader for android but the desktop or browser version leaves a bit to be desired. The layout is basic but aside from losing my total unread count… which I admit was pointless as I had several feeds over 1000+ unread… feedly seems like a good alternative.

  • Brett

    Reading about this yesterday felt like a swift kick in the stomach. I probably have used their Reader service every day for the last decade or longer. Ugh. Hopefully Feedly is good.

  • Enrique

    I wanted to write this post. But I guess it’s better this way, it might’ve turned into a really long drama mourning the loss of Google Reader.

    But let’s not lose hope! Sign this petition here if you care about Reader, there are almost 17K signatures and counting!

    Tweeting @Google should also help, it’s already one of the worldwide trending topics!