Missed out earlier? 1000 more free licenses of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra!

A couple days ago I posted about how to get CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra for free. However, the promotion was limited to 29,000 licenses which got used up fast once the word spread. Now there is another opportunity to get CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra; however the licenses are again limited, to 1,000 this time so be quick if you missed it earlier.

  • Visit the promotion page, click on the gift with the “14”, and click on “>Hier sofort einlosen<“. This will bring you to the Softwareload.de page where you need to click on “Vollversion kaufen”:


  • You will now be asked to login or register. If you already have an account with Softwareload.de, login; otherwise you will have to register:


If registering, you will need to fill out a form:


Note that I only translated the required form fields. The rest of them are optional so you don’t have to fill them in. Also note your password must be 8 characters or longer and the answer to your security question must be 6 characters or longer.

After you have hit “Registrieren” button you will get a confirmation page telling you to check your e-mail. So, go to your e-mail that you registered with and look for an e-mail from “support@softwareload.de” with the subject of “Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre Anmeldung bei Softwareload”. There will be a link in there:


Either click on the link or copy and paste the URL in your browser. At the page that loads up, let it finish loading until you reach a page that asks you for your username and password. Login.

  • Once you are logged in, regardless of if you newly registered or used an old account, you will be asked to “pay” for the software; however this is a freebie so you don’t have to pay. Just select the “T-Pay” option and enter in SWLXmasDfGG27vbs:



  • At the next page, you will be given your registration key and the download link:


Download the software, and copy the registration key and keep it in a safe place.

  • Since the download is 946.6 MB, at this point you need to wait. Depending on your distance to the download server, and your connection speed it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to days to download it. I am thousands of miles away from the download server and I downloaded it in about 30 minutes (aka the download speed is fast).
  • After the download finishes, install it. During installation you will be prompted to enter your registration information:


The “User Name” and “Company Name” can be whatever you want. In fact they should be filled out for you automatically. In the “Serial Number” box post in the registration key you received earlier.

  • Finish installing.
  • Enjoy!

Thanks Kafka!

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  1. just bcoz i can

    I d/l the first time offered and it took 12hrs to d/l… everything went fine..BUT on installing Norton internet security went OFF …
    Major detection was BLOOD HOUND trojan…
    So dont know if FREE is a good thing..

  2. Karen

    I guess I am too late for this offer AGAIN. I have been working for this for two days and then enter the code to find out it is not valid any more. Here I thought I found my Christmas present.

  3. Su B

    The official download at T-Pay server is completely hopeless. Server keeps stopping to respond at random points in all my attempts. This is an encrypted & password protected download & there is no scope of random errors (why does not a password protected download support resuming anyway?). I think they are clearly playing with us this time & enjoying..
    I don’t think the key is valid & we are wasting our time. This is not meant to work.

  4. Kerry

    When I ran the last 2010 optimizer on here it locked me out of system restore and would not allow me to uninstall when I clicked on it. Wrote to them and they said it had nothing to do with it. Well did not have that problem b4 installing. Could not even run any other install programs. Acted as if I was a guest not admin. But I got uninstalled anyway and back to normal.
    Won’t be using this one for sure but Keep up the great work Ashraf!!

  5. Dianne

    Well, I’ve been trying since 6:30am, and haven’t been able to download it. Picked up the key, registered at the site, logged in, then nothing — errors at website, mishaps, then, finally, a notice that the key is no longer valid. Maybe next time, eh?

  6. django

    Hi Ashraf,
    Thanx again, hope the download is successsful this time. Have a really slow connection.
    BTW came across this – “for-free-on-internet.com/2009/12/ashampoo-winoptimizer-2010-advanced-4free/”
    Can you pls check it out, is it ok.

  7. Skye-hook

    9 mins to go & I think it’s timed out. It just totally stopped! Argh! I gotta go to bed. Will try when I get up. I am so sad. Sure hope it works later today! With only 1000 licenses given out, we can’t all 1000 be downloading at same time.

  8. Delavictoire

    For me it doesn’t worked in the first try.With some difficuties in menaging the german language and with the help of google traduction I got suceeded in downloding the software and the licence key. Thanks a lot to the Pro Asraf

  9. Liam K

    @stockel1949: You’ve got to be kidding me. I got to 93.3% before they took the download off their website.

    I’m trying to see if it will work off a copy downloaded elsewhere, but I’m not sure how much luck I’ll have. 9_9

    Anyone have a copy of the setup.exe they mind sending me? Should be legal enough, seeing as I already have the registration code.

  10. nebulus

    Thanks Ashraf. I managed to register this time!

    @Ez Does It: From what I saw, the download remains in your account, so it shouldn’t be a problem to download later, but don’t take my word for it :)

  11. stockel1949

    @Ez Does It

    I don’t believe that’s possible. It’s a “Advent Calendar” promotion and each free download is provided for only one day.
    Last time I try to download few minutes after midnight (here in Europe) and I receive a message saying that I was to late for the offer of the day.

  12. Ez Does It


    I already have the registration key

    now my question is, Can i just save the registration key and leave the downloading hassle for a later time. or i need to download it now, otherwise I’ll miss on it?

  13. Iberg

    Thanks Ashraf. Missed it yesterday but I’m now 5 minutes into the 30 min download. Hope the program is in English or maybe there is some trick to turn it into English like the Expert PDF program from a while back.