Free Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012! [24-hours only] (Updated: This is “Standard”)

Software Description

The following is a description of Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012, as per the developer:

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is dependable and fast word processing software that is highly compatible with Microsoft Word, and can read and edit DOC and DOCX formats. This allows you to freely transfer your office documents between Microsoft Word and Kingsoft Writer Professional.

Aside from the features present in word processor Writer Free 2012, such as an automatic spell check, a PDF converter, document encryption, and multiple tabs, Professional Writer 2012 contains many new additions, such as a new interface, a section tab, a paragraph adjustment tool, a table adjustment function, and a cover page setting.

Highly compatible with all Microsoft Word files:

  • Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is highly compatible with all Microsoft Word files.
  • Input file formats:(97/2000/2003/2007/2010) doc, dot and docx;
  • Output file formats:(97/2000/2003) .doc and dot format.

dotTech Advice

Kingsoft Software is a fairly new company that has appeared on the scene offering a mix of freeware and shareware products. In this situation, the product in question is Kingsoft’s office suites. Kingsoft offers three office software: Kingsoft Office Suite Free (freeware), Kingsoft Office Suite Standard ($49.95), and Kingsoft Office Suite Professional ($69.95). Each of these office suites has a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet program (Spreadsheets), and a PowerPoint presentation program (Presentations), with the features varying slightly between each version of the suite.

The program being offered for free in this article is Kingsoft Writer Professional, the Writer that usually comes bundled with Kingsoft Office Suite Professional. There are plenty of word processors out there, all of which serve well for basic word processing and Kingsoft Writer Professional is no different. The key to a word processor is seeing how compatible it is with Microsoft Word because, frankly speaking, Word dominates the world regardless of how many cheaper alternatives popup.  I tested a few Word documents in Kingsoft Writer Professional and it does fairly well in reading and editing .DOC/.DOCX files. Take note, however, Kingsoft Writer Professional can read .DOCX but it can’t save as .DOCX — it can save as .DOC.

That said, if you are reading this then it is safe to assume you don’t have or want Microsoft Office. As such, you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word in particular. The million dollar question is which alternative office suite you should use. When asked this question I always recommend OpenOffice, an open source freeware office suite which has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. OpenOffice is the best alternative to Microsoft naysayers; OpenOffice is stable, feature filled, works (generally) well with Microsoft Office files, and has significant public support with OpenOffice formats becoming the second most common formats after Microsoft Office. So as good as Kingsoft Writer Professional may be, it doesn’t really offer anything significant that OpenOffice Writer doesn’t already deliver (although it should be mentioned, Kingsoft Writer Professional does an excellent job in mimicking Microsoft Word’s look — you can use ribbons or traditional menus with Kingsoft Writer Professional). OpenOffice will always be the leading alternative to Microsoft Office. If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Word, you are more than welcome to give Kingsoft Writer Professional a try (Kingsoft Writer Professional is a very good word processor), but my suggestion would be give OpenOffice Writer a chance first.

Freebie Details

Update: The giveaway is of Kingsoft Writer Standard, not Kingsoft Writer Professional. My apologies, I didn’t even notice the mistake. Thank you Marc for the heads up.

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is being given away by Daily Software Giveaway. The giveaway ends Thursday March 15, 2012 0400 Eastern Standard Time. There is no information if you can install or reinstall at a later date.

To get Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free:

Free updates: Unknown

Free technical support: Unknown

Download size: 46.7 MB

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

  • Download this ZIP file. Extract the file after the download has finished.
  • When you extract the files you will notice there is a kingsoft_ writer_pro_daily.exe file. Run that file (double left-click on it) to install Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012.
  • After installation you are can start using Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012, there is no need to register it — it is “pre-registered”.
  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • GeeWiz

    @ Giovanni

    I must agree with you, their latest word processor WordGraph has certainly come of age. It is now fully complaint with any word processing needs that anyone might have. :)

    Their Premium HD office suite is also certainly the best looking of all the office suites. :D

    Thanks for the input!


  • normofthenorth

    @Finell: They may be mature, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely satisfactory or sufficient. I’ve been faced with a number of complex MSWord documents, either with complicated sectional structures, or fancy charts and graphs, or with embedded drawings, and I’ve very often found that OO and LO and (even) IBM Lotus Symphony have trouble displaying them properly, and even more trouble editing or reformating them.
    Moreover, those of us who dislike MSOffice/Word partly because it’s so HUGE and slow-loading, won’t find much relief in any of those three, because they’re no smaller and quicker, at least on my reasonably capable (but not new or SOTA) machine.
    I found the SoftMaker/Auslogics to be reasonable alternatives most of the time, but Kingsoft (free version) has worked better for me since I first tried it. That’s a pretty good trick, and worthy of my attention,even though I “already had a word processor”.

  • Finell

    With so many mature word processors around, free and not free, and nothing to distinguish this one, this product has no reason to exist. To put it differently, practically everyone who might consider Kingsoft Writer already has a word processor. This one makes no case for switching from whatever you already use.

  • Heather

    @jivadas: That did it for me using Textmaker, guess its back to downloading Libra

  • Heather

    Rob said: I’m not comfortable with the EULA. After reading through all the jargon Kingsoft states they collect usage data for marketing purposes. I don’t want a sniffer program on my PC much less one accessing anything concerning my files. I’ll pass.

    That’s why Avast threw it in the sandbox…

  • normofthenorth

    I tried SSuite and was very unimpressed. Softmaker/Auslogics and Kingsoft both worked much better for me. Of the huge slower packages, the IBM Lotus Symphony suite worked a bit better for me than OO or LO, but not well enough to make it my “go-to”.

  • RobCr

    ‘It is an ill wind that blows nobody, no good’
    MS forced everybody to upgrade their .Doc versions of Office, to the .Docx version.
    That forcing arose from users of the current Office, sending files as .docx
    MS tardily,reluctantly, quietly made a converter available for those that did not want to be forced to upgrade.
    But even that is not a simple Install.

    If this offering can open .docx and then by default saves as .doc we should –
    ‘Come to praise them, not to bury them’

    So for those that don’t like being forced to upgrade, or like to use Menus (shove the Ribbon), this could be worth having.

  • Giovanni

    hmmm so it was just the STANDARD version…. so Daily Software Giveaway team misled their readers, didn’t they??

    Never mind….here you can find an incredible collection of great FREE Office Suites (Desktop & Portable Office Suites, Personal Finance Software etc…), which are far better than this freebie.

    You can take your pick (I recommend SSuite Office – Premium HD, SSuite Office – Excalibur Release & Portable SSuite Office – BladeRunner):

    As simple Word Processor and text editor, go to SOFTPEDIA and search for:

    – Rizonesoft Verbum
    – Intellipad

    And finally, to protect the copyright of your Office Documents just use the excellent freeware “Office OwnerGuard Personal”:


  • Frank

    Thats BS, jivadas!
    Softmaker products are great and fully MS office compatible!
    This includes the option to save (as) *.doc (in free v. 2008 not as *.docx AFAIK, that’s the advantage of the paid v. 2010)

  • Ahhh, another one but not for my taste.
    I used Open and Libre office, as well as Ms office 2007, all support Unicode Texts and their related fonts. I also write Urdu documents, in Open and MS Office it is supported very well, but not in Kingsoft :(

    Thanks anyway :)

  • jivadas


    Softmaker/textmaker produces a .tmd format that cannot be downloaded without Textmaker installed in the receiving PC.


  • Rob


    Thanks for the tip Dave (post 22). SoftMaker is MUCH faster than O-O and looks very promising.

  • jivadas


    I should have added that SmartSuite has a compressed .rtf format; but the reulting size is still about twice the .odt–80KB versus 40KB. (These estimates are approximate, but representative).


  • Rob

    I’m not comfortable with the EULA. After reading through all the jargon Kingsoft states they collect usage data for marketing purposes. I don’t want a sniffer program on my PC much less one accessing anything concerning my files. I’ll pass. Wish this was stated early on in the EULA instead of at the end.

    Is anybody familiar with the EULA for the recommended suite SoftMaker?

  • jivadas


    Yes, please do a comparison of suites, with special reference to the Writer programs. I,ve tried a lot of them: SmartSuite, Kingsoft, Softmaker-Textmaker, and have found that they are all clones of OpenOffice, with improvements in Style templates. I already had Open Office, but it had an unpleasant habit:

    I would change the preset _Normal_ default from the hideously gaudy Times (with its baggage of paragraph settings) to my favorite, the slimly elegant Tahoma 12, which clearly distinguishes the letters in «Illicit». I learned, after some exploration, that there was a dimmed check-box that controlled the paragraphing space. But if I clicked the dimmed check-box, it became bright; and if I clicked to uncheck the box, and saved, it would remove the extra spacing. Which was wonderful, because I truly hate that packaged troublesome Times.

    But I could not get 0-0 (open office) to save the new paragraph formatting. It would still display inserted text in Times+paragraphing. But it would allow me to change Paragraph–but only on that file. There is no way to make non-paragraphing Normal.

    Kingsoft allows you to set normal very easily, and the settings seem to stick. (I haven’t used it much, for the reason below).

    My main problem is a matter of file size. A Word File .doc of 100KB would be about 120KB in .docx.

    SmartSuite and Kingsoft use a format based on .rtf. Each of the three would carry a load from 200 to 300KB.

    But, get this, 0-0’s .odt would be about 40KB.

    I publish a book of Yoga Philosophy at (the download site. If you browse, say, Folder y7, you can compare the formats of identical files.).
    My readers are divided, I think, into the professional and the poor (many are both). The poor are still working with XP or earlier (do you recall the statistic? I think it is more than 60%, but am not confident in my memory). The smaller the download, the better for them. And the better for me, where some site will not accept uploads over 144KB.

    At present I use Word 2010 to compose, and copy the contents to 0-0. But the copied contents, in .odt, appear in that hideous Times+. Like Lear, I would do such things–I know not what–but they would be the terrors of the world!

    So, yes, I think you should do a report on the fast-growing multitude of 0-0 clones-plus; and I am making a wee donation to help you on your way.

    And if anybody knows how to solve my problems (format size; normal), well, thank you!


  • normofthenorth

    BTW, I think the free IBM Lotus Symphony Office Suite is also a serious contender, along the lines of OO & LO.

  • normofthenorth

    Sorry to be ON topic ;-) but. . . I’ve been using Kingsoft Office Suite Free for a year or so and quite like it. Maybe better than Softmaker/Auslogics Office, which I’ve also used a lot. Now I’d like to upgrade the WRITER part from Free to this Standard giveaway, but every time I try, the first thing it does is UNinstall my Kingsoft Office Suite. If I try re-installing KOS, it starts by UNinstalling the Standard Kingsoft Writer! AAARGH!
    I’ve tried installing it to a different place, no joy. I’ve thought of moving/renaming one of them to see if the automated uninstall batch file can find it, but I’m afraid they won’t play nice together if I succeed. And I’m running out of time on the freebie, too.

  • Dave


    I could not agree more! I ran Open Office for a few years and later discovered Softmaker Office’s word, spreadsheet and presentation packages and they all perform far faster than open office, have a far smaller footprint (both in install space and resources used), and offer greater compatibility with Microsoft office. Win, win, win.

  • Sargent Major

    Giovanni said:
    About 40% of worlwide PCs are infected by malware nowadays…did you know that??……
    so get MalwareBytes or the free Comodo CCE my good man, and say goodbye to them! And what if I shall want to do my writing off line?

    Carry on lads!

  • Ashraf

    @vjott: Thank you. I’ll have to look into this.

  • vjott

    @Ashraf: Development of OpenOffice has more or less stagnated. Not a single version has been released since Oracle gave it away. LibreOffice has matured quite well (comparatively) and has reached version 3.5 with new features. I won’t use either because I find them both cumbersome. OpenOffice belongs to the Apache Software Foundation now and it has not progressed since. As far as I’m concerned, OpenOffice is a dead project. It has been replaced with LibreOffice by most major Linux distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuse & Mandriva) RedHat and Debian still use OpenOffice but those distros have long release cycles so it will probably be replaced with LibreOffice when their next respective versions are released.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Has LibreOffice really progressed that far to over take OpenOffice? I know LibreOffice started off as an OpenOffice fork but tbh I haven’t followed it since then. Thank you everyone for the headsup. This may call for a review on free office suites.

    @Marc: Thank you Marc. Fixed.

  • Canuck50

    I love your reviews Ashraf. I read them every day with my morning coffee before heading out to work. However I have to disagree with you on this one. LibreOffice is much better than OpenOffice. LibreOffice is created and developed from the same people who previously worked on OpenOffice. LibreOffice has more functionality than OpenOffice as well. Please keep up all the hard work that you do for myself and all of the other readers of your Site and Newsletter.

  • Marc

    This is the Standard Version that sells for $19.95 NOT the Pro version that is advertised in the giveaway.

    I know, I just downloaded it and it is Standard.

    The Giveaway is misleading.

  • vjott

    @Giovanni: With my current service provider, restoring a connection to the Internet can take weeks (after speaking with their Venezuelan tech-support and confirming that the problem is on the service provider’s end). There are only 3 ISPs in my country (a few others offer their services exclusively to businesses), not every area is “digital ready” so there are many people without an internet connection although the government is offering incentives to companies to expand and improve their services, they’re simply too lazy to do so. Most of us have 1Mbps ADSL and slower (512Kbps and 256Kbps) dial-up is still somewhat popular in the many areas that are not “digital ready”.

    I’ve used ZOHO Docs in the past simply out of curiosity because I use ZOHO Mail but it is not a practical everyday solution. I’m a final year IT student and when I go to class: no internet. I’ve visited the U.S.A. once, briefly and I’ve found that there are wireless networks everywhere and the internet is extremely fast! So I can understand why you may think that a cloud-based solution may be viable but for those of us in 3rd World nations, it simply is not.

  • michel

    OpenOffice/LibreOffice supporters always ignore its terrible Word compatibility. Even simple tables and tab stops can’t be replicated properly, and the Comments and Track Changes features are useless.

    If you can live without professional features, it’s okay, but if you have to collaborate in the real world, stay away from OO/LO, and try either Softmaker or this one, Kingsoft.

  • al lipsky

    trying to get to the zip url but nothing happens.
    is there another site that I can down load?

  • Giovanni


    To the person suggesting ZOHO Docs. I’ve used it from time to time but what happens if my internet connection is lost?

    Lost connection?? What do you mean by that?? Usually this is a temporary issue…come on!!

    But what happens if you have a rootkit or trojan hidden in your system and your AV fails to warn you about that??

    About 40% of worlwide PCs are infected by malware nowadays…did you know that??

    This is because any security suite out there (even the most expensive one) can guarantee you to be 100% free from malware.

    Online cloud service like ZOHO use a very powerful encrypted system which is much more difficult to break compared to ordinary home PCs.

    Try to be more informed about these issues guys…

  • Giovanni


    OK…there are more than 5 MILLION of idiots worlwide, including THE ECONOMIST, PCWORLD, TIME, FOX BUSINESS etc…

  • vjott

    Give OpenOffice a chance first? Surely you mean LibreOffice? Either way, I’ve given them both several chances and found that, coming from Microsoft Office, the open source suites lack the smooth user experience and functionality that Office provides. Some options are hidden in queer places in sub-sub-menus and some little features are missing altogether. Can’t re-call any right now (haven’t used either for several months) but if prodded, I can re-install LibreOffice and…refresh my memory. The interface of LibreOffice rarely changes (a good thing for the more conservative, old-fashioned user), in fact, I’m pretty sure that most of the issues I had with it are still there. Leaving aside the ugly clip-art and charts, I’ve never been able to get any serious work (mostly coursework reports) done in LibreOffice.

    To the person suggesting ZOHO Docs. I’ve used it from time to time but what happens if my internet connection is lost? And what if I’m working on a coursework report at 2 am in the morning? All sorts of odd misfortune has befell me in the past with regard to my Internet connection (I’m from a 3rd world country so Internet availability is nowhere as omni-present as it is in the U.S.A. nor as dependable).

    I’m definitely taking this freebie!

  • Frank

    I don’t know about you but my documents and personal information is nothing I share with any ‘cloud service’. Always remember: TANSTAAFL – you pay with your data.

  • Injeun

    I have a few KingSoft products. And they all work very well. But as for speed, the office suite that blows away OpenOffice and LibreOffice and all the others is SoftMaker Office 2008. And its completely free.

  • Leslie

    The biggest reason why as a developer I must recommend Microsoft Word is because it has a macro language and excellent mailmerge facility. I have looked at OpenOffice some years ago but had to reject it because its mailmerge facility was far too limited.

    The reality is that Microsoft Word is more than just a Word Processor and all other competitors need to compete on a far broader level than just the ability to load and save doc/docx files. If we are to truly replace MsWord with another product then it MUST offer an equivalent to ALL functionality currently provided by MsWord.

  • TODD

    Take note, however, Kingsoft Writer Professional can read .DOCX but it can’t save as .DOCX — DEAL BREAKER….

  • TODD

    @JR: HUH?

  • moehlhey

    I only use Libre Office, because it has better development then Open Office. OO stand still for over 1 year.

  • Giovanni

    Nice FREEBIE but….

    ….why not using ZOHO, the best FREE online cloud office suite available on the market right now??

    ZOHO is capable of replacing any desktop Office suite out there, as it offers not only Word processing, Spread Sheets and Presentations but also provides you with the Wiki Pages planner for managing your to-do list, tasks and notes, and many more features that are usually an integral part of any office applications suite.

  • Philippe

    I was looking at it for Android, but since it does not use ODT format from LibreOffice or OpenOffice , I’ll pass on it and will use Google Docs with my writing until a good version of OO or LO come on the Android market.

  • JR

    eh.. is it not there are .doc to .docx converter compatibler.. hihihih out there