EU votes in favor of universal mobile charger using micro USB for all mobile devices


Looking for the right charger for your mobile device in Europe might soon become very easy. The European Union has recently voted in favor of introducing a single universal mobile charger for all mobile devices.

The legislation is part of a bid to update radio equipment laws. These laws cover things like modems, but mobile phones are part of it as well. The goal is to ensure that devices in the market more easily work together, to cut down on the inconvenience of charger clutter and to reduce mobile waste.

The universal mobile charger will use a micro USB connector, which is already fairly common in non-Apple mobile devices today. If everything goes according to plan, the rule will be stipulated into law by 2017. Considering how convenient this will be, I’d say it’s worth the wait.

[via Gizmodo, image via K?rlis Dambr?ns]

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  1. Mike S.

    And so, Apple will need to add a microUSB port to its phones (and, possibly, other devices)? As Joanna notes, it surely will not be happy about this . . . .

    And hopefully, the legislation will have flexibility, as there already is discussion about the next generation USB connector.