Special new type of paint changes color when touched


Sometimes I still can’t believe we’ve already moved into our own home. The challenge now is to arrange the interiors and at least for the next ten years, pay the mortgage. It’s been five months since we’ve moved here but I haven’t really spruced up the place. What I want to do is paint the walls and the doors. But I really have to think about things carefully: the colour, the type of paint, etc.

Maybe I should also consider what paint technology to use. It’s a new thing but University of California scientists are not new to using nanogold particles. Recently, they embedded gold particles solution to polymer film creating a bright blue colour. When pressure is applied, it turns red on the film as described.

When you touch the paint moderately, blue turns to purple. When you touch it hard, it turns red. The response depends on the pressure levels. This is just one possibility. Imagine this technology being used in scientific studies, technology, and even fashion.

Nothing is really new with nano particles as people in the old days already used gold nano particles to make more vivid colors for stained glass windows. Centuries ago, the Romans also used nano particles to create the Lycurgus Cup. At present, nanotechnology is used in many industries and we can expect that nano particles will be used more to advance various technologies especially in the biotech field.

Biomedical researchers are now interested with nanogold as such could help treat Alzheimer’s and cancer. With the nano gold’s optical properties, doctors can know the concentration and location of proteins. As a trivial benefit, nanogold could simply tell you how strong your grip is whenever you’re holding something.

[via BGR]

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