And the winners of the 30 Linkman Pro licenses are…

The winners of dotTech’s 30 Linkman Pro license giveaway have been selected. They are as follows:

Congratulations to everyone that won and better luck next time to everyone that did not. All e-mails with registration information will be sent out by me by the weekend. Please be sure to check your junk/spam box to make sure the e-mail I send is not marked as spam. Better yet, add admin [at] to your white/safe/contacts list to avoid any problems of not receiving e-mails from dotTech.

Thank you Outer Technologies for sponsoring the giveaway and thank you everyone for participating. If you did not win a free license, keep in mind you can always purchase Linkman Pro (scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Linkman Pro) for $25 (USD).

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  1. Lee

    @Ashraf: Hey! Just a heads up! I have just made a donation to Indeed I use WinUtilties everyday which I got the Pro version of through DotTech so I hope the donation keeps DotTech in operation. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team do organising promotions. I look forward to the results of the AnyBiz PdftoWord Promotion.  

  2. STF4all

    Thanks so much for everything Ashraf! I check out your site everyday and the information has been invaluable to me. You have great offers and this is the 1st time I won…yeah! Actually, one of the reasons I wanted to be a donor is because of these ‘offers’.   Can’t wait to try the Linkman Pro.

  3. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Everyone: You are welcome!

    @The Living Spirit: Actually I would say you had more rotten luck. Your number was not drawn, but I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally took down your contact information mistaking you for number 30 (even though you were 29). I caught my mistake, however, but you were this close to getting a license. =P

  4. Jeffinprov

    This is just great!  Not only am I pleased, but a strange, happy clicking sound emits from somewhere within my CPU, which must be the rampaging soul of my bookmark list expressing it’s pleasure… unless,  of course, it’s the sound of something wrong with my hard drive….
    Thank you, Ashraf, and thanks to Outer Technologies!

  5. Lee

    @ Ashraf: Cheers for that! I did not know winners were randomly selected. You do a great job with this blog and I read it every day, so please don’t misinterpret my comments as sour grapes! I just wanted to know how the winners were selected and now I do! For future reference how does one donate to dot Through the link at the top of the page I take it…

  6. amozai

    Congrats to  the winners!
    @Lee, The problem is not how you answer, the problem is the
    I would have not even fail, anyway I’m still happy with my Xmarks and Weave both are fire fox extensions if you want you can try them too.
    I hope that we shall win next time.
    Thanks Ashraf for the good work that we’re enjoying.

  7. AlanR

    Yippee, I’m a winner – there’s a first for everything.!
    Thanks Mr. BOSS, and Outer Technologies for the Linkman Pro draw.
    I look forward to receiving my registration e-mail advice.
    Sorry to all those that missed out this time, know the feeling, been there way too often.

  8. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Lee: Sorry Lee. As I described in my posts, up to 10 license are reserved for people who have either donated to dotTech, wrote an article for dotTech, or did some art work for dotTech. 20 licenses can be won by anyone. Who wins a license is determined using Maybe next time you will win one.

  9. Lee

    Hi Ashraf. Cheers for organising the promotion. Please let me know how the winners were selected…I am very disappointed not to win a license. I put a lot of effort into my post for this competition and was really looking forward to using linkman pro…