Is dotTech loading faster now? Let us know!

Hey dotTechies,

I spent all day Friday making modifications to dotTech (you probably saw it go down and or was slow for a large chunk of the day; let’s just say I would never make a good system admin). The end result is, hopefully, a much faster dotTech for pretty much everyone — especially those people who don’t live near the eastern coast of the United States.

Let us know in the comments below if you are feeling the speed or not.


-Mr. Boss

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  • Guido

    Yes Ashraf, thank you from Italy.

  • ahmadcbs

    Yes I feel faster…

  • spaceman

    Now, after the down time, the favicon is back :)

  • Arie

    yup, it’s definitely faster, using palemoon from indonesia, nice (thumbs up)

  • Anonymail

    Loads so much faster on my tablet! Great job!

  • chuck

    A weee bit faster in New Jersey

  • Ashraf

    [@Carlos] Yeah, sorry about that :-( the CDN was picked doesn’t have a data center in South America…

    [@thegreenwizard] Nope, it shouldn’t be like. Press Ctrl + F5 when at SoS. Thanks for the feedback :-)

    [@jayesstee] Glad to hear it!

    [@spaceman] It is there for me. Press Ctrl + F5 to refresh.

    [@drsolution] Glad to hear it!

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Is it safe to guess you live near the New England area? Our server is there so people living there won’t benefit much from a CDN.

    [@etim] The issue is at your end, because Vimeo videos work for me and all changes I made have no effect on videos. Maybe a plugin? Did you try other browsers?

  • etim

    Vimeo vids now refuse to play for me–they give me various clever error msgs when I reload the pages. Restarting FFox (22.0) didn’t help either.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I don’t see any real difference, but then it’s always loaded pretty fast for me.

  • drsolution

    Very much for me:)

  • spaceman

    Is it me, or is the favicon missing?

  • jayesstee

    [@Ashraf] Very fast on Firefox and Pale Moon.  And I live on the ‘East Coast’ (of England)!

  • thegreenwizard

    Today it looks fast.
    Using SRWare Iron, from S-Florida.

    But the SOS page looks weird, all black with just text without formatting. Is it the way you wanted it?


  • Carlos

    Same as before. But then again, I’m loading it from Santos, Brazil – using Chromium in Ubuntu 13.04.
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Ashraf

    [@hoonkid04] [@Jeanjean] [@Marko] [@oncle] Glad to hear it, thanks!

    [@Darcy] Do you happen to live on the east coast? Also, have you cleared browser cache and cookies?

  • Darcy

    I haven’t noticed it loading any faster, but it has stopped letting me login. It takes me to the login page, accepts my user name and password, then takes me back to the page I logged in from but it still wants me to sign in. Nothings changed on my end either.

  • oncle


  • Marko

    Very marked improvement in terms of loading!

  • Jeanjean

    Almost instantaneous opening in IE and Firefox.

  • Yes reckon it is loading faster. Great website.