Introducing, a daily giveaways and discount website for Android, iOS, and Mac apps

2014-03-13_170408Hey friends,

After the huge success of SharewareOnSale, dotTech’s sister site that focuses on daily giveaways and discounts for Windows and Mac software, we have decided to venture into the world of apps. More specifically, we wanted to create a SharewareOnSale-like website but for Android, iOS, and Mac apps. And thus we did: meet

Like SharewareOnSale, we will be featuring daily giveaways and discounts on HungryForApps. However, whereas SharewareOnSale is for Windows software (and occasionally Mac), HungryForApps is focused solely on apps from Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, and Mac App Store. If HungryForApps takes off like we intend, we plan on covering daily giveaways and discounts for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store in the future.

Please note:

  • We don’t yet have Android/iOS/Mac apps ready for HungryForApps but the website — — is mobile optimized so you can easily view it on your mobile device.
  • Our aim for HungryForApps was to produce a clean minimal design and I feel we accomplished that very well. Feel free to let us know what you think about it.
  • HungryForApps is new and it is bound to have bugs and room for improvement. We need your feedback to iron out issues and to tweak the design to make it more user-friendly. Please do let us know in the comments what you think!

That said, the process of downloading apps from HungryForApps is very straightforward. Simply head over to, find an app you want to download, click on its name or price, and then click the orange Download It Now button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and, after you enter it and click the Click Here To Download App Now button, you will be redirected to the page on the respective app store from which the app is available from. You then download the app directly from the app store (e.g. Play Store, App Store, etc.)

After you enter your email address once in HungryForApps, you will not be asked to enter your email address again when downloading apps for the next thirty days or until you clear browser cookies or unless you use a different computer or device. In other words, enter your email address — when prompted — and you can easily download all the other apps on HungryForApps without entering your email again.

So… yeah. There you have it. Enjoy and please do provide us with feedback!

Take care,
Mr. Boss @ dotTech, SharewareOnSale, and HungryForApps

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  1. David C.


    I was really excited when you created the new website, because my kids and I love getting new games, for free of course. However, I wasn’t expecting to see the enormous amount of free games every time I checked out the website. (By the way, I’m not complaining in any way.)

    I have an iPad, so just today, I clicked on iOS and Free, but then I’m instantly overwhelmed with all of the exciting giveaways. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the Apps; therefore, I have to click on each one to read a little about each one and then return to the previous page and click on the next one. I do this on a Windows PC, but when there are 5 amazing pages to go through, it simply takes too long and because of that I’m turned away from wanting to spend so much time that occasionally only results in a few or no free Apps, depending on what appeals to us.

    So, I would strongly like to request some type of improvement be made that would maybe categorize the Apps (maybe using categories like the ones listed in the “Page Index” that can be seen here: and/or to provide a brief or a partial description about each App. Sometimes I’m not even sure if an App is a game or if it’s some type of business/office App. Basically, if there was a better way for us to read over these 5 amazing pages without necessarily having to click on each individual App, then it would make it so much easier and it would save so much time, which would definitely make the website more attractive than it already is, in my opinion.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion/request. I greatly appreciate everything that you’re doing for us.

    David C.

  2. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    [@Clyde] Glad to hear you like it!

    [@kevbo] Welcome! Thanks for the feedback :-)

    –We have purposefully not divided the homepage by category because we wanted to keep a “clean” look. Anyone that wants to filter can easily click on the specific categories from the top, and we do show the respective app store icon to indicate which platform it is for. Would it help if we made those icons larger?

    [@JMJsquared] Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and your trust in us.

    [@Dlira] Thanks!

  3. JMJsquared

    Great! Congratulations, Ashraf. As though you were a favorite nephew, I take a personal satisfaction in watching your hard work turn into success. HungryForApps will give me yet another reason to smile, I know. Go get ’em.

  4. kevbo

    Very nice, Boss-Man! And thank you.

    I like the look of the site, nice and clean, as opposed to most app sites which look like the streets of New Orleans after Mardi Gras.

    After a quick glance, a few things I noticed which could make navigation more efficient:

    – home page should have apps clearly divided into their categories (i.e. Android, iOS, Mac)

    – product descriptions should contain live links

    Congratulations on your continued success and best of luck with the new site!