[Review] PDFZilla 1.2

PDFZilla was given out as v1.0 back in January. Today’s version is v1.2. I couldn’t find an exact change log as of yet but I wrote a review on v1.0 back in January which you can read by clicking here if you wish. The review includes examples of files converted using PDFZilla.

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  1. Tom Tac

    I am saddened by two important changes. Not sure why they did it.

    The ONLY thing I use this for is converting my resume’s PDF to Word.

    (1) Spaces disappear. I run the pdf through PDFZilla 1.0, and …

    All the text comes out like this.

    Then if I run the same pdf through PDFZilla 1.2


    (2) The ff and fi ligatures have changed, for the worse. I wrote to them about it last spring, they wrote back saying “Thanks, we’ll keep trying to improve our product!” And the following happened.

    When the line “I reviewed the different specifications” is run through PDFZilla 1.0, it comes out as …

    I reviewed the di8erent speci9cations

    I do a search on 8 and 9 and fix them.

    Then if I run the same line through PDFZilla 1.2, it comes out as …


    … so the ligatures aren’t turning into digits, they are disappearing.

    Someone pointed out that PDFZilla is mostly just a GUI front end for freeware converters found in the PDFZilla tree. I could find most of them, but the 1.0’s pdf to word converter I did not find. I was trying to find out which converter it was and what they changed.

    Glad you’re back.