Get a personalized email address that reflects your personality… for free

I bet everyone here has at least one or or or or [insert generic email address here].com email – I know I do (although I am making the move away from generic email addresses to more customized ones). Well those generic emails are a thing of the past; in today’s world it is very easy to get a customized personal email such as How would you like to stop using those generic emails and get a more personalized email address… for free? Come on I know you do.

The best way to get a customized email is to get your own domain and host email on it. However, buying a domain costs money (although you can find offers for the first year free) and setting up email on it can take a good amount of initial investment of time. So the next best way to get a free customized email is from Tunome:


Tunome is a free “custom email address” service sponsored by AOL. To put it simply, Tunome has hundreds of domains which you can chose from to create an email with, such as or or Best of all, as I already mentioned, Tunome is completely free.

Signing up with Tunome is very streamlined; it is just like if you were signing up for an Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL email. You can sign up in two different ways:

1) Enter the email you want and let Tunome suggest the domain to create it on:



2) Manually find the domain you desire and create your email:





If the domain you desire to have is not available on Tunome don’t worry – AOL is constantly adding new domains to Tunome so be sure to check back soon.

After you have created your email, you can login to check your email from Or you can use an IMAP supported email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Since Tunome is sponsored by AOL the inbox and email system works such like an or email address.

Ladies and gents it is time to jump off the generic email bandwagon and go with Tunome (and/or your own domain =D).

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  1. Thompson

    hey, please i need help,i’ll like to know how to access and change locked web content, e.g a data displayed by thet site that is locked and cant be edited. Awaiting your Response soon.

  2. Jean-Luc Picard

    Hello Ashraf! Glad to see that you’re back!
    I am on vacation and I forgot my laptop charger- but holy smokes, SyFy has free WyFy and even iMacs for us to use @ Rockefeller center. I love SyFy! Just checked my email for the 1st time in a week- 32 uread messages. My laptop charger is going to be shipped to me on Tuesday. Expect to hear from me then!

  3. pceasies

    I’d still go own domain. Now a days they are dirt cheap (GoDaddy) and you can set this up with no problem at all. You can get your first year @ 1.99 and renew it for $10 a year for every year after. The hosting is what’s expensive. If you only want the domain for email or free hosting (byethost) you only need the domain name which is relatively cheap.

    You buy the name from GoDaddy.
    You create an account with FreeDNS @
    You point the nameservers to FreeDNS’
    You create a Google Apps or Hotmail account (that works with your custom domain)
    You add an MX record pointing to the correct mail server

    It’s actually not too hard although it could take 1-3 days while all the records get updated.

  4. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Darthyoda: shared hosting is something that is not reliable; their other services I don’t know about. However if you are using shared hosting for just email you should be fine. And I agree with you – having your own domain is better but it also costs money (usually).

  5. gmon

    I use at least two or more email accounts at my isp, hotmail,, gmail, yahoo, my own domain name and my work domain name, so what’s one more to add to the list? ;p

    Years ago I used to have an email address identical to this concept at iname but they were seriously hacked, spammers used all the legit addresses right from iname’s own server so the fact that this is aol-owned is actually now a plus, who would have ever thought that? :D

  6. Darthyoda

    Having your own domain name is better though. I’ve had my own for over 7 years, and you never have to worry about the company going down or switching internet providers. Or my favourite, which is you can have a catchall email address which means that for every site that you sign up, you can create a new email address. IE,,, etc.

    I know in your website review that you marked 1&1 as a think twice, but I’ve been using them since they gave away 3 years for free when they first started up in the states, and have been using them since, even when it switched to paying.

    Right now, they have a summer deal for email at, which includes 5 email address & the catchall email address, for 3 months free and the rest at $0.99/month, so you pay $8.91 US for a year of email. You can see more @

  7. david roper

    The taste that AOL left with me years ago cannot be rinsed away.
    I do not want to touch anything that comes close to being part of them.

    Also, I have a mail account and get very little spam that doesn’t get caught by them. Maybe I get one a day out of 30 emails, Yahoo is not as good.

    Glad to have you back in the saddle, Ashraf.

  8. etim

    A similar service is I’ve been using it for about 10 years now, and it has been reliable.

    The amount of spam I get through them is reasonable–low enough that I can keep my spam filter off. In comparison, my gmail email account gets several hundred spamhits a month–I’ve never even used it! also has tons of other addresses to choose from–and a big plus–as far as I know, it IS NOT AOL, Yahoo or Microsoft affiliated–3 companies I don’t like,trust or support in any way possible.

    I initially chose it for its simplicity and ease of use and for the likelihood of others remembering my address. **** is pretty easy to remember.

    No, I don’t have any financial relationship with, but if they want to throw some cash my way for such a nice plug, I won’t complain–heh heh heh…

  9. Steve

    Hi! Ashraf, welcome back

    Sounds nice, but ever since the AOL debacle years ago I’ve stayed away from it like the plague.

    Other than jumping on a bandwagon is there any other convincing points you or anyone else can make that would/could sway me?