White tiger shows its fangs [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Okay, okay — I have said in the past that I am not obsessed with big (wild) cats. This is still true… despite the fact that I have yet another big cat photo to share with you. This time it is of a white tiger.

Check out the following photo of a white tiger; it could potentially be a regular tiger photoshopped to look black and white but for the purposes of enjoying the photo, let’s assume it isn’t photoshopped.


[via Facebook]

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  1. Dave

    Apologies for the shameless promotion of my home state, but Bush Gardens in Tampa has a beautiful exhibit of the real thing: multiple white tigers in a beautiful enclosure with great viewing angles.
    Great time of year to visit.

  2. Geert

    Whatever colour, they remain astonishing, majestic, graceful, powerful, amazing, great, big, tremendous, worshiping, fierce, formidable, splendid, beautiful, glorious, gorgeous, super, nice but UNFORTUNATELY threatened animals…

  3. Eric989

    @Shawn: No, you are wrong. Somebody obviously took the photo of the world’s first and only grey tiger and photoshopped it to look like a regular tiger. LOL
    Dang it. I guess this derails the whole movie thing then.
    Maybe Ashraf can update this page to show the real tiger as well.