White tiger shows its fangs [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Okay, okay — I have said in the past that I am not obsessed with big (wild) cats. This is still true… despite the fact that I have yet another big cat photo to share with you. This time it is of a white tiger.

Check out the following photo of a white tiger; it could potentially be a regular tiger photoshopped to look black and white but for the purposes of enjoying the photo, let’s assume it isn’t photoshopped.


[via Facebook]

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  • jayesstee

    Beautiful animal, whatever the colour.

    If you want to see ‘certified’ white tigers try:

    After the lioness, watch the white tigers.
    Got to be one of the best jobs in the world!

  • Dave

    Apologies for the shameless promotion of my home state, but Bush Gardens in Tampa has a beautiful exhibit of the real thing: multiple white tigers in a beautiful enclosure with great viewing angles.
    Great time of year to visit.

  • riya

    Its a beautiful white tiger… though I will be content to watch it from far away :D

  • Geert

    Whatever colour, they remain astonishing, majestic, graceful, powerful, amazing, great, big, tremendous, worshiping, fierce, formidable, splendid, beautiful, glorious, gorgeous, super, nice but UNFORTUNATELY threatened animals…

  • Shawn


    What’s funny is that on flikr it’s in orange and on wiki it’s the same color as this one… doesn’t matter either grey or orange version I would not go near this little kitty cat. =)

  • Eric989

    @Shawn: No, you are wrong. Somebody obviously took the photo of the world’s first and only grey tiger and photoshopped it to look like a regular tiger. LOL
    Dang it. I guess this derails the whole movie thing then.
    Maybe Ashraf can update this page to show the real tiger as well.

  • Shawn
  • Eric989

    I’ve never seen a grey tiger before. Maybe Liam Neeson can make a movie about one of these kidnapping his daughter? Taken by the Grey?