Apple Maps causes Steve Jobs to be lost in the afterlife [Comic]

Most, if not all, cultures say not to speak ill of the dead; no matter how much you dislike a person, you shouldn’t make fun of them after their passing. The following is a comic of Steve Jobs who, as I’m sure we all know, has died. It isn’t making fun of Steve Jobs per se but rather Apple Maps.

We have all heard the stories of how Apple Maps is terrible and has caused people to get lost, right? Here is what would happen if Steve Jobs used Apple Maps in the afterlife — check it out:



[via Manu Cornet]

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  • saby

    @jayesstee:i think steve jobs wont allow apple maps to be released in that way in the 1st place…..

  • jayesstee

    The test here is: “Would Steve Jobs have enjoyed the joke?”
    Although it’s against Apple, I like to think he would.

  • Trampus

    @Larry: To quote Ashraf “It isn’t making fun of Steve Jobs per se but rather Apple Maps.” So go rant about it to the person who did the comic.

    I thought it was app/apt ;)

  • Good one? I think it is in VERY POOR TASTE!!!

    How do you think Steve Jobs’ family and friends feel about this?

    He has passed away and you are making fun of him!!


    How would you like people making fun of your dad, husband, father, brother, boyfriend when he dies?????

    Did you ever think about THAT before you posted this unfeeling, unthinking “joke”????

  • mukhi

    ROFL LMAO!!! seriously, good one!