Microsoft CFO hints at cheaper Windows 8 Surface tablets


How many people were outraged when Microsoft announced it would be selling Surface RT starting at $499 and Surface Pro starting at $899? If Microsoft’s silence on Surface tablet sales numbers is any indicator, my guess is many people. It seems like Microsoft may have taken the clue because, in Microsoft’s recent earnings call, CFO Peter Klein hinted at the possibility of selling cheaper Surface tablets.

During the earnings call, Klein said Microsoft is “working closely with chip partners and OEMs to bring the right mix of devices” and Microsoft is looking to “expand the product lineup” to provide “a greater variety of devices at a bigger variety of price points”. Translation: we tried to be Apple and failed, so we need to go the Windows way and compete on price as opposed to product.

At a cheaper price point, I may even pick up a Surface tablet. How about you?

[via Slashgear]

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  1. chuck

    @Mike: Well put Mike
    Instead of keeping the profit margin low from the beginning,now M$ will shop around for cheap low quality components to bring the price more in line with what the current model SHOULD cost.
    F them and a bigger F to Apple-greedy pricks

  2. Mike

    Yep. But Microsoft bulloxed this one from the start and now is coming even further from behind, rather than making a grand statement from the get-go–something that so many of us “normal” folk were saying originally should be done. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s foray onto tablets has been a Zune redux.