Researchers are working on antenna that allows for transfer of 10 HD movies in 1 second


Hate waiting around while you transfer a file from one phone to another via Bluetooth? No worries, researchers at Georgie Tech have you covered. According to MIT Technology Review, the researchers “have drawn up blueprints for a wireless antenna made from atom-thin sheets of carbon, or graphene, that could allow terabit-per-second transfer speeds at short ranges”. Translation? They are working on an antenna made of graphene that will allow you to download/upload at speeds of 1 Tbps — or the equivalent of 1,024 1 Gbps Google Fiber connections.

The range on this antenna is estimated to be a meter which means it will likely be used for device-to-device data transfer as opposed to for the Internet. If you are able to decrease the distance to somewhere around a few centimeters, in theory transfer rates can be as high as 100 Tbps. As MIT Technology Review points out, at 1 Tbps you could transfer 10 HD movies from one phone to another in about one second.

Of course this antenna is far from market ready. Heck, it is only at the blueprint stage. Still, it is of things to come. Excited? Hell yeah, it will make it easier to transfer my pron collection from device to device.

[Thanks WildCat, via Gizmodo, MIT, image via Wikipedia]

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