China already has an iPhone 5S


That’s gotta be iOS, right? If that image was all you had to go with, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought the copycats in China have managed to make a phone that looks just like the iPhone and runs a real version of iOS. But look a little closer and it is not what you think it is.

This is China’s GooPhone i5S. Apple’s iPhone 5S is most likely still a couple of months away, so these guys have made their own! It’s an Android phone running an iOS themed-launcher and at first glance, it’s pretty convincing. If you own an iPhone and compare it with the GooPhone, the one thing you’ll notice that’s different are the shadows underneath the icons and text labels — but other than that, it looks exactly like iOS!

The GooPhone i5S will also (most definitely) be cheaper than the real thing. The i5S will be on sale for $149 without a contract, and the first thousand buyers can snag the phone for just $99. But you get what you pay — spec-wise, the GooPhone is nothing to write home about: 4-inch screen with 854×480 resolution, 5-megapixel back camera and 1.3-megapixel camera, 1GHz MediaTek MT6577 dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM, and 3G capability.

If you’re actually interested in purchasing the phone, you can order it at Android-sale.

[via iDB]

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