GE ‘Brilliant Brew’ truck takes your photo, draws your face on your coffee. The actual coffee, not the coffee cup.


It seems like we live in an age where personalization is a big thing. I don’t know if it makes us feel special or if it is the jump-on-bandwagon approach but everyone wants to personalize everything. GE has taken that personalization concept the an extreme by allowing you to drink personalized coffee… by drawing your face on it.

2013-03-15_214931At the recently concluded SWSX tech conference in Austin, Texas, GE featured their ‘Brilliant Brew’ truck. Manned with coffee makers, cameras, computers, and, well, man, the truck snaps a photo of you, digitizes the photo, and then draws your photo on the foam of your coffee. An example is shown in the image above.

Is this going to put Starbucks out of business? I doubt it, especially when you consider the technology is highly dependent on light (too much or too less light = bad drawings), the drawings eventually dissipate (either you drink the coffee, split it, or wait long enough for the foam to go away), and some people may be turned off by drinking their face. Still, some cool tech if you ask me.

[via DigitalTrends]

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