Galaxy S4 is twice as fast as iPhone 5, if benchmarks are to be believed


There are many people that were disappointed with how the Galaxy S 4 turned out — some were even pleased about them “not innovating” with the design. But whatever your opinion is of the device, there’s one thing that no one can deny Samsung has done here: They’ve built a powerful phone. Very powerful.

Primate Labs, who is responsible for the popular Geekbench benchmark system, has released some benchmarks of the yet to be released Galaxy S4 and compares it with a couple of other flagship phones on or about to hit the market. Check it out:


It’s very clear even at a quick glance that the S4 handily beats every other smartphone out there today in terms of raw processing power. It’s more than twice as fast than its predecessor using a Qualcomm chip, the Galaxy S III. It’s Geekbench score is also, quite notably, almost double than that of its fiercest rival, the iPhone 5.

Another thing to note here is that the benchmark was done on the slower Qualcomm chip version of the S 4. Other regions will be getting the Samsung-made octa-core Exynos chips that should prove to be even faster — undoubtedly increasing the S 4’s lead in this particular benchmark even further.

[via iDB]

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  • Ashraf

    [@mukhi] You are right. It is becoming harder and harder to innovate hardware-wise.

    [@AFPhy6] I think the point is both phones are fast with little to no lag, regardless of what benchmarks say.

  • AFPhy6

    “… if benchmarks are to be believed.”

    ummm… what would you rather have me believe?

    an Apple executive? your ex-girlfriend? my cat?

  • mukhi

    [@Ashraf] oh well, iphone is always appealing to me but i will possibly never buy it because of two primary reasons:
    # no microSD. 64 GB iphone kinda makes up for it, but is way too expensive.
    # itunes. as i always say i dislike any device with it.

    not enough innovatory features in S4? come on, the only required features that i don’t see in S4 are water/dust resistance and best battery life available in the market for the high-end smartphones. else, it beats every other phone right now in HW/SW.

  • Tom

    2x as fast? Great… now I’ll only spend half of my drive time on the phone.

  • Peter

    What a pity my desktop PC is too big to be a phone. And it is more than 6 months old ;)
    Geek score 9815.
    3163 points is a surprise to me because I guessed phones are more enegy efficient than performant

  • Ashraf

    I’m not surprised. iPhone 5 may be the latest iPhone but it is roughly six months old. I’m sure iPhone 5S/6 will beat Galaxy S4 later this year because Galaxy S4 will then be the older phone. Then Galaxy S5 will beat iPhone 5S/6 because it is newer. It is a vicious cycle used to trick consumers. Don’t drink the kool-aid; Android phones will always be the best, regardless of benchmarks.