Is Microsoft serious? They just released an ad bashing Galaxy S III. You know, the outdated model. [Video]


If you follow tech blogs, you may have read about Microsoft’s recent failed marketing attempts to promote its products such as Surface Pro and Ready to add another dumb Microsoft advertisement to the list? Look no further than the following ad which compares Nokia Lumia 920 to… Samsung Galaxy S III. Check it out:

Before I go on, let me say two things.

Firstly, I have no doubt Microsoft manipulated Lumia 920’s settings to work better at night whereas used Galaxy S III at default settings (e.g. probably didn’t activate night or low-light mode). After all, this is a Microsoft ad and that is what advertisers do — manipulate the truth to make their product or service look favorable, without actually lying. Secondly, I also have no doubt Lumia 920 has a better camera than Galaxy S III because if it is anything Nokia excels at, it is cameras.

That being said…

Is Microsoft serious? Did they really just release an ad bashing on Galaxy S III… the model that has now been superseded by Galaxy S4? I would understand if Microsoft released this ad prior to Samsung announcing Galaxy S4, but now? Really, Microsoft? Either Microsoft is getting really desperate or they know they won’t be able to beat Galaxy S4 or the marketing people at Microsoft are big failures. Maybe all three.

[via BGR]

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