Twitter’s 7th anniversary video is an awesome look back at how the service has grown [Video]


Twitter’s been having a good week. First co-founder Biz Stone announced that they had been granted a patent on the invention of the service, and now they’re celebrating their seventh birthday. Twitter is seven years old? Now doesn’t that make you feel old? It definitely makes me feel old.

After seven years in existence, the service has grown to an impressive number. 200 million active users with 400 million tweets per day. They also put together this little video that serves as a nice little retrospective of the service over the past years — how it’s grown and not only enriched lives, but even save them. From the olympics to the election to devastating tragedies and Oprah joining Twitter, it’s all here. Take a look:

As a bonus, here’s the first tweet ever courtesy of co-founder Jack Dorsey:

[via Twitter]

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