Windows Blue leaked in video, reveals more Live Tiles sizes, side-by-side Snaps Views, and more [Video]


An early build of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Blue has been leaked online, revealing many of the feature additions and changes we can expect to see when it releases officially later this year.

The build is listed as Build 9364, and some of most notable differences noticeable from Windows 8 are more sizes for the Live Tiles (they can go smaller now), a new side-by-side Snap View, new system apps, enhanced multi-monitor support and more.

Aside from all the different UI tweaks, it looks like Microsoft will also be integrating its SkyDrive service more heavily when Windows Blue rolls around — a new settings panel dedicated to SkyDrive shows up in the leaked build.

Fans of Windows Movie Maker will also be pleased to know that a Movie Maker replacement has also been spotted in Windows Blue called Movie Moments.

This video is a walkthrough of all the new stuff that can be found so far in Windows Blue, so check it out if you wanna see the next update to the Windows OS in action:

Because this is an early build of the OS, expect many of these features to improved or even changed altogether as its get closer to release. You can expect more features to show up. But as it stands now, what do you think of Windows Blue?

Is it enough to stop all the Windows 8 hate? Sound off in the comments below!

[via Winforum, Engadget]

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  • David

    I agree with most all of the previous comments, but the facts are that most people don’t upgrade their operating system until they buy a new computer. I hate change period! I loved XP & hated Vista, Windows 7, Windows8 was just not necessary. I do like Laptops over desktops & Goggle Nexus 7 over anything Mac or the word apple. LOL
    OMG we all will have to have Google Glass & A Samsung Watch or TV, or maybe we can live with our Timex or old Vizo. Is not life sweet!

  • AFPhy6

    Doubling down on “bad”, it seems.

    MS has had a habit of alternating “good op system” with “bad op system” then back to “good…”

    Sounds like they are going to put two “bads” in a row.

  • Enrique

    [@John K] Same here. Metro (or Windows 8 style, as they’re calling it now) can look good sometimes. But most of the time, it looks like a mess. All those colors on the tiles with the background? Too much.

  • John K

    To me it looks just as unattractive as Windows 8. I see no reason to upgrade from Windows 7, would in fact still be quite happy with XP.

  • Ashraf

    [@Strahd] I have no issue with the “metro” look. I just don’t like “metro” that uses more screen real estate to provide the same amount of information.

  • Strahd


    Totally agree with you.

    Personally, I am not a fan of the “metro” look. Even Avasts latest update has the “metro” look, I reverted back to version 7.

  • Ashraf

    From what I have read (probably Enrique’s posts in the past — thanks!), it seems like Microsoft intends on making Windows Blue the next Windows 7 in terms of people who upgrade. However, I see nothing to compel me to upgrade anymore than Windows 8 compels me. =O