Lawmakers seek to ban Google Glass while driving


Google’s Glass project isn’t even officially out yet and it’s already starting to gain a healthy amount of opposition. The device was recently banned from a Seattle bar, and while that one might have been more publicity stunt than actual rule, this one’s an actual bill.

Lawmakers are in West Virginia are introducing a bill that would ban the use of Google Glass while driving.¬†Gary G. Howell, who is a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, likens it to texting while driving. Apparently, he also believes that because Google Glass is a new technology, it’ll be a problem that comes from the young people out there driving. This is what he told CNET:

I actually like the idea of the product and I believe it is the future, but last legislature we worked long and hard on a no-texting-and-driving law. It is mostly the young that are the tech-savvy that try new things. They are also our most vulnerable and underskilled drivers. We heard of many crashes caused by texting and driving, most involving our youngest drivers. I see the Google Glass as an extension.

So while he doesn’t completely oppose Google Glass, he is wary of the potential dangers it could cause to more inexperienced drivers. But the thing is, Mr. Howell probably has never used Google Glass. And although I haven’t used it myself, I can probably safely say that having Google Glass on (which overlays a display on one side of your vision), is very different from holding your phone and looking away from the road to check it.

I actually think Google Glass can solve that problem. Heck, it might even be safer. And with Google Maps on it, it could probably be one of the most useful devices to have while driving.

But that’s just me. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

[via CNET]

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