[Windows] Recover lost or deleted files with Undelete 360

u360Everyone has accidentally deleted something and instantly regretted it. Or last important files due to computer crash. This is a universal thing. That’s why it’s very important that you have an undelete program installed. We’ve covered file restoration programs in the past. Undelete 360 is another one. Let’s see if it is worth your time.


Main Functionality

Undelete 360 is a file recovery program. This program can recover files that you’ve deleted and files that have been lost due to crash, reformat, etc.


  • Recovers deleted (i.e. files deleted from within current Windows installation) and lost (i.e. files that existed prior to a reinstall, computer crash, etc.) files
  • Can recover files of all types
  • User interface is clean and intuitive
  • Shows the status of files (e.g Very Good, Good, Bad etc.)
  • Can scan external devices
  • Sorts files by handy file type categories that are easy to understand


  • UI is clouded in the top right hand corner by an obnoxious URL
  • Users must upgrade to a paid version to have more options
  • Font is horrifying
  • No bootable media


ud3602Everyone at one point or another has had the misfortune of deleting something by accident. Luckily, file recovery software exists. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called up by various members of my family (I have the unfortunate job of family tech support) asking me to save them from their deleted file woes.

I always have a USB stick handy, complete with all sorts of tools I need for 3 different operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux), and I obviously a file recovery program. Recuva is my program of choice for the most part. Undelete 360 is not a program that I would personally use, but it IS one that I would feel comfortable recommending to people that don’t necessarily understand the complexities of other programs.

Undelete 360 has a very easy learning curve. You select your drive and you click start. It then scans for deleted files and tells you what kind of file types that have been recovered. Everything is very neat and almost anyone could understand it. The usability of the program is extremely nice to see, and the user interface is clean, but, it does have some major drawbacks that really annoy me.

The font choice for the program is very irritating to look at, and in the top right corner there’s an obnoxious url. I know that the developer is trying to inform the users that there is information available, is doing so in an atrocious manner. This could have been a pop-up notification or a system tray icon. Using a URL is in very bad taste in my view. He could have at least dressed it up a bit. Another minor criticism is that there’s the fact that users can pay to get an ‘ultimate edition’. I’m conflicted on it. On one hand I wish that the developer wouldn’t show features that you have to pay for in the basic app (which you then click on only to be prompted that you can ‘unlock’ it). I am not opposed to due to the fact that you can pay for an ‘ultimate version’ because the basic program does just about everything that you’d want it to do. I just wish that it was executed better.

Overall, Undelete 360 is a satisfactory program for people that aren’t into the other undelete programs on the market. It’s great for new users and it’s a good program. It might not be the best, most flawless program, but then again, no program is.


If you’re on the market for a basic file recovery program, you might want to give Undelete 360 a shot. It’s a solid program albeit not perfect. You never know, you might like it more than I did.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.16

Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / Windows 7 / 2003 or 2008 Server

Download size: 1.94 MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46

Is it portable? (Yes or no): No

Undelete 360 homepage

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  • LivieS

    It’s pretty decent software. Although most data recovery actions are a gamble if the file has been overwritten by Windows. The best idea is to stop using the partition where the files were. Then try undelete software and pray. I’ve used Reincubate Recover Files when I needed to recover some photos and it did the job.

  • BearPup

    [@Ed] I’m sorry you feel so vehemently about this. Undelete 360 is recovery software not eraser / wipe software. I just saw it as another piece of software that one could buy, but it wasn’t necessary for Undelete’s operation. I’ve never been asked to upgrade, nor felt any pressure to upgrade, so I basically ignored it.

    They’ve also released a freeware file repair utility that as far as I know is also free. And after all, the point is that Undelete360 is free to use and nothing else needs to be purchased for the software itself to be fully functional. I call that freeware.

  • Ed

    BIG Thumbs down on this software with me. Not because it does not do what it says because it does BUT, YET again the software is “supposed” to be free and that is not entirely true with Undelete 360. While the recovery portion of the software may be free there is also a “wiper” portion of the software to supposedly erase files, this portion of the software can only be used if you “upgrade” the software. With that being said, no where on the Undelete 30 siteis there a page, link or anything else to let you know that this software is not completely free, the only time you can view any purchase page is when you click “yes” to upgrade the software, otherwise as far as looking at the site itself, everything points at the software being absolutely free and that is just nott so, they are using the old bait and switch here.
    I can give the software 8 out of 10 just for recovery purposes but as far as honesty and truthfulness in advertiing I give both Undelete 360 and dottech.org 1 out of 10. Russian software these days are becomming real slick with this bait and switch crap.
    Dottech – Shame on you for not doing a FULL dislosure on this software. It is now off my system and I will no longer associate or recommend this software to anyone.

  • Quirt

    As an aside, you mention having a USB stick with all sorts of tools for Mac, Windows, Linux. Care to share?

  • Warb

    The review missed the main point, it doesn’t say how well it actually worked or not at recovering files.

  • Mr.Dave

    Thanks, Derrik. I’m not overly concerned about the user interface as long as it’s something I can figure out in a hurry and the program offers me yet another chance to recover from an accident. I hope to not have to use it often, so I can easily put up with a few minutes of imperfection if the program is useful. I would much rather see development effort go into making the functionality and speed as good as possible.

    I’ve got Recuva and several other recovery programs installed, and usually one of them (but not always the same one, sadly) will recover files. I’ll install this one. Their File Repair program also looks interesting (there’s a link on the Recovery 360 home page), it might also save me from a future disaster!

  • Mongoplus

    The version number is 2.16.

    The program can be portable by installing it or running it from a Floppy, CD, USB etc.

    Information from their program information page.

  • BearPup

    Granted that what Derrik says about the UI is certainly true, and to some degree gets in the way of the program. That being said, this is my one recovery program that I have on both my computers. It is exceedingly fast, finds the proverbial tonne of files and folders, and is very good at displaying all the files it finds.

    It is so good that I recommend it to every one I have occasion to suggest data recovery programs to. In fact, just this past weekend I ran across a gentleman who had deleted his manuscript and was desperate to find a recovery program that wouldn’t leave holes in his reconstructed file. Every other recovery program had left gaping holes in his recovery effort, but Undelete 360 was able to restore his entire manuscript without a single hole or mistake! He was ecstatic, and I was a pleased support person.