[Windows] Bulk rename files and modify file extensions with spacetornado Renamer

rtyryspacetornado Renamer is a brilliantly simple tool, but one that is most certainly necessary. All to often we’ve come into contact with files with the same names, files that are named the wrong way, situations where we are looking to organize our file names in some way, etc. This program can help you batch rename massive amounts of files in one go.


Main Functionality

spacetornado Renamer is a batch file renaming program for Windows.


  • Can do the following to file names: add text, replace text, change letter case, and remove characters
  • Allows you to pick if you want to modify file extensions or not
  • Supports batch processing
  • Very straightforward user interface
  • Works fast and has low memory footprint


  • The last update for this program was in 2006, so development may have finished or has stalled (but it does support the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 8 if run in compatibility mode)


457Everyone has seen duplicate file names, poorly named file names, or confusing file names. It doesn’t really matter on the type of the file, sometimes you just have to rename a ton of files and you don’t want to do it one by one. That’s where spacetornado Renamer comes in. This program can help you rename an amass of files in a couple seconds. It is a very handy program, and operates itself very fast.

The main drawback about this program is that there hasn’t been any updates since 2006, but as I had no problems getting it to work on modern systems (7/8), I see no real problem. This really isn’t a program that needs any added features. It does exactly what it says it will do and it does it well. Want to rename a bunch of files? Put in the necessary things to do so. It’s really that simple.

The user interface even still does very well on modern systems. This is a program that has aged considerably well, and one that I can see myself using until something else comes along. There’s really not a lot to say about Spacetornado Renamer that hasn’t already been said. It can rename files in batch, replace words or characters, add text, and change characters at will. It’s a pretty useful program. I may keep it installed. I can see myself needing it in the future.


If you have need for a bulk file renaming tool — e.g. you have a ton of files that are named ‘filename(1).png’, ‘filename(2).png’, filename(3).png’, etc. and you want to rename them — you might want to check this program out. It can help you with your file naming woes. This program is very lightweight, and very straightforward, and one that everyone should at least check out. You never know, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.1

Supported OS: Windows 8 (compatibility mode), Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2+, 2003, 2000 SP3+, ME, 98SE

Download size: 598 KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46

Is it portable? No

spacetornado Renamer homepage

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  • David Roper


    I’ll be glad to. Naru is the author and a friendly guy. Mention my name and get a good seat. :)

    Don’t be intimidated with all the choices. PLAY WITH IT, especially the Advanced section. That’s where the date and version numbers can be changed and used for names.

    It is overwhelming for me too, but it will do 98% of what you are looking for. My photos were like DVC00087.jpg and now it’s 20120730-11:35PM VAC Jack and Mary.jpg where VAC stands for Vacation pictures so I can find pictures of Jack on vacation in July 2012 at the party that night. Get it? Glad to help.

  • Warb

    [@David Roper] Give us a link for FLEXRENA home page please. Googled but can not find it.

  • Frank D

    [@JonE] I’ll second your nomination of Rename Master as “the best” renamer out there. I use version 2.9.4. Later versions seem to have added a lot of user interface modifications that make it harder, not easier, to use.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I currently use ReNamer for most things, but ARen comes in handy as well. I’ll check this one out, though… always interested in trying something different.

  • JonE

    I’ve been using Rename Master for some years now, is currently being developed and was updated a week ago. I’ve never even given a second thought to seeing if there’s something better out there; you know how you get used to things and then get busy, don’t have time and forget about it.

    Perhaps this is a good category for the Best Series.

    I used to use Lupas Rename, but it is no longer developed. Some names I might throw into the mix, that I’ve just learned about, but never used are File Renamer Basic, Bulk Rename Utility (already mentioned above), Advanced Renamer, Peter’s Flexible Renaming Kit or Pfrank (for short) and possibly a few others. But the biggest problem I have with a lot of them is they either haven’t been updated in three years or more or have low user ratings, which doesn’t really mean much, gotta take that with a grain of salt sometimes.

    So, is there something better than Rename Master out there? Better than Rename Master and still being developed? I don’t know. You tell me.

    I guess I can throw Siren in the mix; it has high user ratings and is appears to currently being developed.

  • David Roper


    Don’t forget the Freeware King called FLEXRENA, from FLEXible RENAme, Digs into EXIF for data if you need it, add word, serialize, etc. Latest ver is 8.4 – I helped the author keep it at Freeware when he started it, and helped do the early English problems with words. I am not on the English help list because I told him not to use my name. Claim all credit himself.

  • Bruce

    I’ll add this to my stable of renamers, but for the moment I’m quite happily stuck on Bulk Rename Utility.

    Others in the stable include ARen and PandaBatchFileRenamer. I think I learned about both of those here.