How to forward emails and reply-all in (the new Hotmail) [Guide]

We have a very popular post on in which dotTechies have been expressing their rage about Microsoft forcing users to move from Hotmail to While reading the comments, I learned some people are confused about how to forward an email in and how to reply-all in So I’ve put together this quick guide that shows you how to do that. Enjoy!


To forward an email in, do the following:

  • Login to
  • Open the email you want to forward
  • Click the down-arrow next to ‘Reply’ or ‘Actions’ and click ‘Forward’:


  • Now, at the next screen, simply: enter the e-mail or e-mails you want to forward, including CC and BCC, if desired (if you are sending to multiple recipients at a time, enter their e-mail addresses with a comma in between, e.g.,,; add your message; optionally modify the subject (if you want — you don’t have to); and then click ‘Send’:


  • Done!

Repeat this same process for any e-mail you want to forward.


To reply to all to e-mails on, do the following:

  • Login to
  • Open the email you want to forward
  • Click the down-arrow next to ‘Reply’ or ‘Actions’ and click ‘Reply all’:


  • Now, at the next screen, simply: modify the e-mail or e-mails you want to reply to including CC and BCC, if desired; add your message; optionally modify the subject (if you want — you don’t have to); and then click ‘Send’:


  • Done!

Repeat this same process for all e-mails to which you want to reply-all.


Easy but difficult for people used to Hotmail. I hope this guide helps!

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  • Sogand

    I have one email with multiple attachments and i want to forward it but it should be one attachement per email. does anyone know how to do that in one step, instead of forwarding one by one?
    i appreciate your help.

  • David Roper

    [@BC] It’s not intuitive at all. You must “Include” attachment off the menu choices. Remember who writes

  • BC

    So how does one include an attachment?
    I forwarded an email with an attachment but no one received the attachment!!

  • davidroper

    [@Sepp Forcher] I will be looking for an answer to this with great hope. I would move from GMAIL in a blazing second if I could figure out who to create a group, say Cooks, and put 10 people in it and send Cooks as a BCC.

    Please if there is a lord in heaven let someone post the answer positive. And I don’t mean “positively NO”.

  • Sepp Forcher

    Is it possible to forward multiple e-mails as seperate messages at once?
    I want to forward about 120 verry important messages to a nother e-mail account. Is there any easy way to do this?

  • David Roper

    [@Alan Toh] Alan, I agree 100% with you. I was initially excited to have another GMAIL looking account to use for friends only. I have YET learned how to make a simple list of friends (group) to shove a message to.
    And WHY (as you have stated) is it so hard to find where they have hidden a Forward message button. And when BCC (my only way to send out recipes, etc) is selected the drop down menu covers ALL the rest of the menu.

    Maybe we can get ASHRAF to give us a forum to help each other with OUTLOOK.COM.

  • Alan Toh

    This stupid new outlook of the hotmail is very very and bloody stupid……?????

    I could not see the bloody words for reply, forward and all the things for the new outlook..???

    All these reply and forward words are all hidden and I dont know where to click before they can appear….??? It takes me more than half an hour to find and clicking everywhere but still could not find it…

    The managent or person in charge of this new outlook of hotmail must be fired immediatedly..??? Change a more intelligent person for this job…STUPID .NEW HOTMAIL OUTLOOK…????

  • Samantha

    Thank you for the easy answers….:)

  • Anon was the stupidest thing ever. “Easy but difficult for people used to Hotmail” – guess who’s using, people with G-mail? The info was helpful but you sir are also not the brightest tool in the shed.

  • JAY

    Many thanks

  • David Roper

    [@Lynn N] Lynn, dn’t let me enrage you more. Butttt. Gmail will aloow you to makde groups to send, BCCsend, and/or forward attachments and news to large groups.
    I send jokes of questionable nature to a group of my friends who enjoy getting them, sent as a BCC each person doesn’t know the other one got it, so no one but them and I are embarassed over its contents.
    Th group I send to is called JOKES to me and that’s all I have t type to get the job done.

    Hope this helps. I cannot do this with OUTLOOK.COM

  • Lynn N

    Thank you. However, I remain enraged by the many hours I have wasted in attempts to read and circulate the large volume of documents received in my voluntary capacity as Membership Secretary of a local organisation.

  • David Roper

    If I had a brain, I could have read your question better. I do not know the answer for your questions. I find to be difficult to work with. I also DO NOT know how to create a mailing list in it. So now I use it as a “bank lockbox” for favorite emails – I forward good stuff to myself there. If I ever find out how to create a mailing list I would use it more. Alas, alak.

  • Steve

    [@David Roper]

    Hi David, not sure if I asked my question properly above…I’m trying to forward all my emails to my gmail account. Is there a way to select multiple emails to forward or do I have to forward one at a time? Thanks!

  • David Roper

    In Gmail there is a little triangle next to the word Gmail on the left, click and ssee Contacts. Click on Contacts and see your contacts. Click on a person’s box and choose the group (3 heads) and create a group to send messages to. Once you have done one you can fumble around and add other contacts to that group. Gmail is ass backwards. A NORMAL person would develop the Group and then click on people to add to it. but Nooooo. I curse every time I add someone to a mailing list. hint: start your mailing list name with a Z-Space so you just have to type Z in the BCC part and get a list of your groups to send stuff to. Hope it helps a little.

  • Steve

    Hi! How do I forward multiple emails simultaneously…? I’m moving in a couple of weeks and I risk losing everything!

    My service provider (Bell) said you can’t. I find that hard to believe.

    Gmail will only go back and retrieve a month’s worth of email.


  • evshan haka

    Hi folk ,is there anyone who can give me clue how to forward bulk (bunch ) of emails to one particular contact ??? Please help :(



  • Dave

    I completely hate


    [@davidroper] Thanks so much = I have been trying for ages to forward to multiple friends but couldn’t see how to do it

  • Brownie

    My neighbours outlook mail does not show the reply/reply all/forward button?? It is simply missing from that top menu bar.

    Any ideas why and how to change this?


  • emma

    Thanks so much, really helpful.

  • davidroper

    I don’t like it either, but if you start typing their name they will pop up.

  • ken

    when i forward emails the contact box shows only 5 recent contacts. why does my full contact list not open for me to choose as many as i want?

  • mukhi

    outlook initially did not add any ad pane, but now they do in the right. any idea whether it can be disabled?

  • David Roper

    I am still trying to find out how to make a list of people to send a message to without doing it one at a time.

  • jayesstee

    Two different threads and approaching 500 posts.   Is that, or is that not the proof of a careless, improperly thought out bit of MS cr@pware?

  • Tom

    Please DO NOT teach sheeple how to “Reply All”… That is simply irresponsible of you.

  • lawman

    Suddenly many mail servers are refusing to handle forward mail that falls into their classification of .eml. A couple of the big
    amateur radio mailbox
    servers are the worse.

    As for replacement of the
    long gone Windows email
    program that came with XP etc, I have spent months taming Mozzila
    Seascapes mailer. It look
    similar to Thunderbird but
    has quirks that still have me baffled. It does have the old Eudora autofile
    feature so incomings go in to predesignated folders, not as smooth as Eudora but works pretty well.

    My question is how to delete any reference to .eml in a forwarded msg
    so it is kicked back to sender by a number of

  • wondersnevercease1

    does anyone know the answer to my question regarding live mail versus this outlook mail? if you sign up for live mail will it be converted to this outlook mail?

  • wondersnevercease1

    [@Ashraf] o
    ok thank you for your help but why? why is that wording huge? the person that created that part of outlook they could not see regular size wording? so do you know if that huge wording will stay huge forever??

  • GP

    [@Ashraf] I mean forwarding an email that one has received as an .eml attachment.

    It’s very easy to do in Yahoo Classic but not the new Yahoo, and I can’t find how to do it with It’s also very easy to do with an email client, of course.

    Being able to forward an email as attachment allows the recipient to see the original email exactly as the forwarder received it … once the recipient opens the attachment, that is.

  • Ashraf

    [@GP] What do you mean? Attachments are forwarded with emails by default, or you can add your own if you want.

  • GP

    How about forwarding as attachment?

  • Ashraf

    [@wondersnevercease1] Don’t worry about the giant word size of the subject. It only appears giant in The people receiving it will see it as normal size.


  • wondersnevercease1

    omg thank you! i have been searching for forward forever in this outlook! now how do you make the subject line wording regular size instead of the giant size it is? does anyone know?