Microsoft admits they are working on Windows Blue, new rumor says Windows Blue will be made public in June


Rumor after rumor after rumor after rumor have been circulating the ‘net, speculating about the next version of Windows which has come to be known as ‘Windows Blue’. Now it looks like at least some of the rumors were accurate because Microsoft has publicly acknowledged the codename.

In an official blog post published earlier this week, Microsoft admitted “product leaders across Microsoft are working together on plans to advance our devices and services, a set of plans referred to internally as ‘Blue'”. Microsoft further went on to say while Windows blue is the codename being used now, it likely won’t be the name of the next version of Windows when released.

In addition to that tidbit, we have a new rumor regarding Windows Blue.

Quoting “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans”, The Verge is reporting Microsoft plans on showing off a “milestone preview” to people attending Microsoft’s BUILD conference scheduled for late June this year. This preview will include many more apps for Windows created by Microsoft themselves plus will include a revamp of Snap View, allowing multiple windows and apps to be easily run side-by-side and the removal of the minimum resolution requirements leading to the speculation that Windows Blue may be put on 7-inch tablets. To top it off, Microsoft supposedly will only have one public preview of Windows Blue and the final version will be released later this year.

Anyone excited? Let us know in the comments below!

[via The Verge, Microsoft]

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  • Quick Brown Fox

    Windows Blue — as in Blue Screen of Death?

  • DoktorThomas

    A gay (blue) MSFT? Really?
    Oh, Tablets. Gay tablets, then … only California, land of fruits and nuts.
    My tablet has yellow pages, lines and is bound. Never crashes. When it gets wet or dropped, it is not an environmental hazard.

    When they have eight core processors, 32 gigs of ram, 1T HDD, bring them up again … otherwise, not worth mentioning.

    Tablets: the smallest amount of computer for the highest price. Provider dependent; that’s flawed design from onset.

  • kalmly

    When are they going to make an OS for desktop computers again?

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@rosemary gaskell]

    Wait for Windows 75. Rumor has it that 50% of the bugs will have been eliminated by then.

  • rosemary gaskell

    I love my windows 7 but one or two placs I have access won’t interact with 7. I am thining of moving to 9 as I hear it’s much better than 8.

  • Col. Panek

    [@Eduardo] They are going to yearly upgrades, basically a subscription. They are trying to squeeze everything out of their cash cows before everybody wises up. Too late for me, though; the only Microsoft product I use is a mouse. (Fortunately, it works great on Linux. )

  • Eduardo

    Now I understand. Windows 8 was – is?- a beta OS that Microsoft sold to people to test it. Very clever. So now, do I have to buy Windows Blue or it will be an upgrade to Windows 8? Damn!

  • AT

    If it’s built on Windows 8, I won’t be upgrading. Game developers are not upgrading, I don’t feel any need to upgrade either.

    And yes. I have used it. I then went out and bought a Windows 7 computer instead. I might just buy another copy of Windows 7 just for my next computer build.