150-foot deep ice canyon in Greenland [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Awesome! Now I’m just waiting for a huge whale monster to pop out of that middle portion.

[via National Geographic, image credit: James Balog]

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  • thangaraj


  • Seamus McSeamus


    Thanks! I was afraid no one would get the reference, so I included the link. I definitely remember seeing the commercials on TV, not just YouTube.

  • Susanne

    Tidy Bowl Man? ROFLMAO!! Best comment yet. I was going to vote for one of those giant deep-water squids, but I think the Tidy Bowl Man wins, hands down.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Whale monster? I was looking for the Tidy Bowl man.


  • Now that is really…[puts on sunglasses]…..Cool!