• Yong Quan

    @Roy Smith
    The problem with my comp is that even the “Compaq” Splash screen doesnt appear.
    On the comp and it just hangs there.. It doesnt even start up.
    When I pressed the on button on my laptop, the lights on my laptop came on but nothing happens.. My laptop model is Compaq Presario v3000, bought this 3 years ago..

  • peccadilloes

    am getting an education.
    thank you.
    have an acer machine which came with vista and got me to save drivers and everything to disks. maybe I don’t need this I think.

  • HNicolai

    I can see the bad part of the fact that you don’t get the code and therefore can’t extract the backup, and therefore I give you the serial code to activate the program!

    [Removed by Ashraf. Reason: Come on, you know I can’t let you post a link which openly displays the registration information. To navigate this registration code problem, you can read my post on fix for Driver Magician issue.]

  • Jim Stone

    problem is you don’t get a registration code and registration name from GOTD

    While the GAOTD installer doesn’t tell you what username and registration code it’s using to register the program, it’s easy enough to find that info in the registry under
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Driver Magician .

  • Roy Smith

    @Fransisco and any other GOTD users

    If you have done a backup of any of your giveaway programs using a program like Paragon Drive Backup 9 PRO (I’m not recommending this it’s just one that I have that was a freebie too!) then you can reinstall the GOTD freebie because if the backup is done after the license key from the manufacturer was activated the program has this in it’s internal memory inside the backup of the program.

    This is the only way I know of reinstalling a GOTD freebie or one from any other giveaway that has time constraints on it’s activation of the registration key

  • Roy Smith

    @Yong Quan

    If you have Windows try starting your pc then do the following:

    1. As soon as possible Press and hold/ or keep tapping “F8”
    You must do this before the Windows trademark icon/logo appears;
    If this does appear shutdown and try again until the following

    2. A black screen appears with white text and in the top left corner
    will be highlighted “Repair your computer”

    3. Press the enter button on your keyboard

    4. The black screen with the rolling green progress bar appears
    (or as my 8 year old likes to call it “The RoboCop eyes”

    5. When this disappears you’ll have a blue screen with the egg timer
    showing that the system is loading the necessary files

    6. After this Select your prefered keyboard type; you should have the
    US keyboard as default all ready showing: click next

    7. Select the user name by clicking on the arrow in the selection
    box which will reveal a dropdown box of all the users on your
    pc: click next

    8. Select “Startup Repair” at the top of the dialogue box and then
    allow the repair program to do it’s thing and follow any prompts

    Hopefully this will enable you to get back into your machine and get it working, but at least if it doesn’t repair your pc automatically you will probably have noticed in the dialogue box with “Startup Repair” at the top there are all the options for System recovery including “Restore to Factory settings”

    But don’t use this until you have explored all the other options because this will wipe out all your added programs and you will have to reinstall all the updates etc via Windows and Microsoft updates and also any personal files from your backups (I’m presuming of course that you have backups”

    All the best and Good Luck


    We all know that GOTD CAN’T BE RE-INSTALLED. When I like a program I install it on my three computers and do my best to keep them fine tuned.
    If something happens that I can no longer use the program, at least I had a great run and best of all it was FREE! No complains here!

  • Francisco

    Hey Guys,
    I wanna thank you for also the great programs that you’ve been posting. I love the fact that you explain everything thoroughly about the programs and my favorite is that you give us an alternative download to that program. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE GOOD STUFF! KEEP IT COMING.

  • Child Genius


    Why so serious?

    Please don’t stop laughing out loud!!!!

  • Roy Smith

    I have a HP PAvilion PC and when I recently took advantage of a giveaway of DriverMax by Windows; The official Magazine in UK I discovered that there were loads of drivers that I could update.

    However being a bit of a cautious soul I asked HP Tech Support if I should do this.

    Their answer was by all means update or upgrade the drivers for any extra added in or purchased software that did not have anything to do with the original operating system including all the Windows, Microsoft and HP updates etc: but what ever you do unless you are advanced enough with your technological knowledge leave the original drivers of the OS etc alone.

    This is because, they said, a lot of times even though a driver’s version or build number may make it seem as if it is an upgraded or updated driver of one that you have it may just well be a driver that is similar but designed to work with a diffferent OS and uses different settings and parameters that could quite possibly cause realtime problems for your PC and cause it to increasingly fail and crash.

    The particular Techie I had a conversation with suggested that the very best thing I could do if I was looking to do any care, maintenance and updates etc on drivers was to get myself a good piece of software that backed up all my drivers so that if I had any problems to do with drivers I could always reinstall them all together or one at a time preferably until I found out where the problem had been.

    Backing up my drivers has been on my mind since then and a BIG Thank you to Ashraf here for pointing out that Double Driver does this as well as the fact that you can do a reinstall of drivers with Double Driver as a standalone operation with out the program otherwise being quite a newbie at this I would have plumped for Driver Magician

  • Bruce

    @Yong Quan: Agree! Software from largely unknown companies that could be difficult to impossible to reinstall in the far future is not appropriate for any sort of backup application. (It’s especially unsuitable for encryption, and we’ve seen some of those there too!) I only use GAOTD for apps that simply do something now, and if I lose the app then all that happens is I can’t do that thing that way in the future.

  • giovanni

    Hi man!!

    What’s up with you??

    It looks like you are no longer happy to read my comments and suggestions about your reviews.

    Just out of curiosity: have you received one or more email from some Italian envious “friend” of mine in which they talked crap about me??

    I had already told you a few months ago that there are actually a couple of TOOLS capable of updating DRIVERS and SW installed in your PC for FREE but you DELETED my message for no reason (and to be honest the same thing occured on the GAOTD forum a couple of days ago).

    So in my humble view your review is incomplete and wrong because:

    – DRIVERMAX is not 100% FREE because after the trial period (30 days)if you want to update your DRIVERS you are asked to buy a PREMIUM ACCOUNT otherwise you can update just one DRIVER per day!!

    – DOUBLE DRIVER cannot be considered a FREE ALTERNATIVE to this GAOTD since it lacks the ability to search for DRIVER UPDATE which is the main and probably the only reason why people decide to buy programs such as DRIVER MAGICIAN or DRIVER GENIUS PRO (DRIVERMAX and DRIVER BACKUP!2 can also BACKUP DRIVERS with ease for FREE exactly as DOUBLE DRIVER does).

    Of course, you can update the DRIVERS from your vendor Driver CD or search for them in the manufacturer’s website, but what if you have lost the Driver CD or you have no idea who is the manufacturer of the hardware device?

    After all not all DEVICE DRIVERS are available in the Windows database, are they??

    So searching for the RIGHT DRIVERS, before backing them up in a folder, can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if in your PC are installed UNKNOWN DEVICES.

    That’s why programs such as this GAOTD are a must-have tool if you want to keep your (known and unknown) DRIVERS of you system always updated with a couple of clicks.

    As simple as that!!

    Ok, this is my last message for you because don’t like to be censored by anyone for no reason (the same thing applies for GAOTD forum).

    Good luck for your nice blog!!

    You are doing a great job!!

    Over & out!!


  • Yong Quan

    HiHi!! Ashraf,
    Just wanna ask about a bios question. Just recently I have updated the bios on my computer, after it finishes it told me to restart, but once it shuts down the computer wont even run. The monitor didnt show anything.. just black.. but the comp’s on. I am not tech savvy as all of u but anybody please help! Tks. Though, this is not forum, but anybody can help?? Tks in advance

  • David Roper

    You wrote

    …problem is you don’t get a registration code and registration name from GOTD to use with that standalone executable.

    and that is what’s wrong with GOTD programs. Not being able to reinstall something makes the software unusable IMHO.

    Therefore — It Fails.

  • Tortuga

    Me again

    No, not cache problem – it was really off, the boxes weren’t there …
    Should’ve made a screenshot, didn’t think of it at the time, just wanted to send it quickly so you could fix it asap, b4 people saw it.
    No matter, all is fixed now :D
    Go figure…

    See you 2morrow :D

  • Noam

    Hi Ashraf,

    I have an interesting question: I’m dealing with a friend’s computer that doesn’t boot from his primary HD because Windows was corrupted. I want to install Windows to his secondary HD, but i need to extract the drivers from the primary one first, and I obviously can’t install Driver Magician or even run portable Double Driver on it in order to do that.
    Do you know any program that can help me with this one?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Good work, Ashraf

    I think today’s GOTD is preety good

    Thanks 4 the review

  • Ashraf

    @Tortuga: o_O. They look fine to me. Press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page and see if that fixes it. If not, try clearing your browser cache.

  • Tortuga

    Good Evening Ash :D

    There is something wrong w your article.

    The boxes “the Good” & “the Bad” are missing!
    The text itself is there, but not the boxes, and the text is not formated. It’s hard to explain, hope you see what I mean…