Difference between life in 1990 and life in 2010 [Graph]


This graph is a bit dated but it still holds true today. Amirite? Wait, don’t tell me — you wouldn’t want to self-incriminate yourself, you social networking music bandit.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    1990? That’s how I start my days in 2013!

  • Patrick

    Haha! Life sucks when you wake up :-)
    Anyone any ideas for extending this”timeline” into the 2020’s (or beyond)? E.g.: 9 am: nanochem induced wake up nervepulse; 9:02: reset bainfunction to “continu dreaming in 7 minutes”; 9:02:set bodyfunctions to “nature calls and hygien” mode for 4 minutes”; 9:07: set bodyfunctions to “dayly routine”;… .

    Have a nice weekend!