How long since you last restarted your computer? This one was not shut down or restarted for 16 years [Image]


Insane! I bet you can’t beat that.

To be fair, that isn’t a traditional Windows computer. It is a NetWare 3.12 file server that was put up on September¬†23, 1996 and never shut down or restarted since then, until it was recently taken down due to bad hard drives. I can’t imagine someone doing the same with a Windows (or Mac OS X) computer. At least not one that is regularly used. I’m not sure about Linux. Maybe.

[via ArsTechnica]

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  • mukhi

    [@jipy] well, that’s quite impressive!!!

  • jipy

    Another amazing number to add in the charts: 33 years [12045 days]. It’s the age of my freezer and, more amazing, it works yet very well today.
    When I think that freezers/fridges which are made now have 5/6 years of life…

  • BR

    Not quite as many years, but at the university where I work, we have an FTP server that has been “up” for over 13 years….

  • etim

    [@mukhi] Well, I did reboot mine a few times–especially back in my college days.

  • mukhi

    i did not shut down my brain in 30+ yrs…just kidding :)

  • Shawn

    Wow now I’m old… I used to install this deamon….

    16 years… damn… would love to know the make of that drive…or pc for that matter… simply proves that they don’t make them as they used to.