Flooded parking lot full of taxicabs [Amazing Photo of the Day]


This is post-Hurricane Sandy destruction, the hurricane that devastated the east cost of the United States in 2012.

As a related but side note, anyone notice that one taxi is parked backwards compared to all the other taxis?

[Image credit: Unknown]

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  • Mr.Dave

    There was good warning about Sandy, why were all these new cars still in a lot that could be flooded? My insurance rates went up yet again because of so many things like this that could have been avoided.

  • Prema
  • Justa Comment

    Also note that these are new vehicles. The black cables (with white tape holding the cables) on the tops of the roofs (rooves?) are for the lighted ‘taxi’ sign that go on top. If you are buying a new car soon, look for yellow paint somewhere on the vehicle where they did not cover it. It might be one of these well soaked ones.

  • philtec

    There are 4 parked backwards.