[Windows] Free EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation (v5.8) — supports restore to dissimilar hardware! [dotTech Exclusive, 72-hours only]

2013-04-02_004444UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. Subscribe to dotTech for daily tech goodies: Email, RSS, Facebook, or Twitter.

EaseUS Todo Backup has been featured on dotTech multiple times in the past. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is featured in our review of best free backup program for Windows and we have reviewed EaseUS Todo Backup Home. Now we bring you a treat: free and unlimited dotTech exclusive giveaway of EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation ($39.95 value)!

For those that don’t know, EaseUS Todo Backup is a drive-level (image) backup program that allows you to backup and restore drives, partitions, and whole systems. On top of that, it also supports file-level backup plus has other features like drive cloning, system snapshot, and virtualization.

EaseUS Todo Backup comes in three versions: Free, Home, and Workstation. This giveaway is of Workstation. What makes EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation different from Free and Home versions are the following three major features that Workstation has:

  • Aility to restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Ability to virtualize your system (P2V)
  • Full support for dynamic drives (in addition to basic drives)

The following table, put together by EaseUS, explicitly lists out the features of this program and differences between the three versions:


Typically EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation would cost you $39.99. However, in cooperation with EaseUS, dotTech is giving away EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation (v5.8) for free for the next 72-hours!

Take note this giveaway includes Linux-based bootable recovery CD/DVD/USB but does not include WinPE-based bootable CD/DVD/USB. The major difference between Linux-based and WinPE-based is Linux-based can restore backups but cannot create backups; WinPE-based can create and restore backups. Since this giveaway does not include WinPE-based, that means you must create backups from within Windows using EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation and can restore backups using the Linux-based bootable media. Since EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation supports restore to dissimilar hardware, you can restore your backups on other computers using the Linux-based bootable media.

UPDATE: A number of dotTechies have reported this giveaway actually does include WinPE-based bootable media. That means you can create and restore backups from the recovery media. Enjoy!

That being said, to take advantage of this giveaway, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v5.8

Free updates: No

Free technical support: No

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Download size: 310 MB

Giveaway time-frame: This giveaway ends Thursday April 4, 2013 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -7). You must download, install, and register this giveaway by 11:59 PM on Thursday — you will not be able to install or reinstall after that time.

NOTE: This giveaway is available to everyone, home and commercial users. However, this is a dotTech Exclusive giveaway. So please respect us and do not directly link to the download file or share the serial number. If you want to share this giveaway with others, please share the link to this article. Thank you!

  • (OPTIONAL) Subscribe to dotTech via email, RSS, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Download (main download link | download mirror 1 | download mirror 2) the giveaway file.
  • Once downloaded, extract the contents of the ZIP file and run ‘dotTech_giveaway_EaseUS_Todo_Backup_Workstation_5.8.exe’ to install the program.
  • During installation, you will be asked to input a ‘Serial Number’. Enter GTXZR-HJTRI-1VNKG-WVJ14-2WRDW and click ‘Next’.
  • Finish installation like normal.
  • Once installation finishes, you are done! You can now use the program as desired.

If you have trouble getting this giveaway, post a comment below and other dotTechies or I will try to help. Enjoy everyone and remember to subscribe to dotTech for daily tech goodies: Email, RSS, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  • Wenda

    Very pleased. Installed and tested. Working 100%. Thanks a lot. Wenda.

  • Shawn

    Glad to hear that you we’re able to get back into your system. Chances are also Gparted might of fixed the harddrive’s mbr/boot information at the same time.

    But hey whatever works xD…

  • Eric989

    [@Shawn] Thanks Shawn. TimeFreeze wasn’t running not even in the background and safe mode wasn’t working. My hunch that it running out of space on C drive was the problem was right. I used GParted to expand it to 150GB and Windows booted and automatically ran CHKDSK but I still had problems until I used RevoUninstaller to get rid of the partially installed program. Now everything seems to be running fine.

  • Shawn


    Your system got bugged up probably because of a tool inside iif the PreOS was activated and you had TimeFreeze well I can surely tell you that things got badly messed up.

    You can use Shift-F8 before the widows xp logo shows up to be able to use the safe mode of windows then you should be able to remove the apps in question including timefreeze as now it’s mostlikely got overly corrupted.

    Good luck with your venture… I also suggest if you get into your windows to try to backup manualy what you can save.

  • Eric989

    I am starting to make some progress. I restored a registry backup I had made with Tweaking Regisrty backup by using their method from a linux live cd. This time no BSOD but stuck on black screen and said hal.dll was missing or corrupted. I checked that file vs old backups and it was identical but I realized that I had restored registry wrong and had a system32 folder as well as a System32 folder with a capital letter. I fixed that but back to BSOD.
    I then tried safe mode again and it got stuck on driver DTOWSVF.sys which appears to be from Toolwiz TimeFreeze. I copied that to external and deleted it to see what happened. Now get stuck on driver agp440.sys but I discovered in the Recycle Bin the file that Easeus installer got stuck on which was desktop.ini. I think I know what happened now. I was almost completely out of space on my C drive and I think it ran out of space during the install. I am trying to delete as much as I can from c drive but there is only so much you can do without being able to run Windows XP and uninstall stuff. I have deleted maybe 200 MB and it is showing 962MB free out of 83GB, but it still gets stuck on agp440.sys. The drive is partitioned and I can increase the size of C drive greatly if needed. What should I do?

  • Eric989

    Please help! When the installation of this program was almost finished it paused for a couple of minutes and then went to BSOD. I can’t even boot into Safe mode or anything as all it does is instantly BSOD. It says something about a harddrive controller and gives these STOP codes
    STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78A2524, 0xc000000Ef, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) and tells me to run CHKDSK /F. I ran CHKDSK /F with a winpe cd I have but it found no errors and did not help. Anybody have any ideas?

  • Johni

    There’s one running for 20 licenses of the Home edition at http://goodle.crmreports.com/2013/04/20-full-licenses-for-easeus-todo-backup.html

  • iroc9555

    Up and running. WinPE bootable media also done and I have Windows XP and no WAIK. Great. Only glich is tray icon does not show. Made a disk partition image OK. It even recognized a partition done a year ago by FREE version.
    Thanks Ashraf and EaseUS.

  • Alfred E Neuman

    Thanks a lot Ashraf y EaseUS by this great software

  • Zoran

    When my laptop goes to sleep, everything stops – a complete blokade. No wake up, no restart, no task manager. Only forced shut down. I had to uninstall.
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

  • Frank D

    [@Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Phd in Theoretical Physics] @Dr. Cooper: Thank you for this recommendation. I’m trying it out right now.
    @Ashraf: How would this program, Advanced Uninstaller (http://www.advanceduninstaller.com/), fare against those reviewed in http://dottech.org/100309/windows-best-free-clean-uninstaller-program-review/? On first view, it appears to be the equal of Comodo Programs Manager.

  • otieatkins

    Thanks so much for EaseUS Todo Backup! I can really use this wonderful program.

  • MechaNic

    During installation we are asked if the management Console should be installed, in order to be able to backup remote computers (on the LAN).
    I indicated I wanted that, but after installatikon I could not find any Manangement Console, neither in the program itself, nor on the desktop or in the Start Menu.
    Is the management Console not included?

  • J.


    WinPE is supported on XP, but on the download page for WAIK 3.0 ( http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5753 ), XP is not listed under supported operating systems.

    It doesn’t matter anymore since the ISO is WinPE though. :)

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Phd in Theoretical Physics

    [@Frank D]

    You can do something similar with the free Advanced Uninstaller Pro by Innovative Solutions. http://www.advanceduninstaller.com/
    When uninstalling, you can elect to make a backup of the program you’re uninstalling (including files and registry strings). There’s a menu option enbabling the user to restore an application from a backup.

    That said, there must be a key dat file or registry string created, that if restored will allow the user to install the program again without using the backups of 3rd party uninstallers.

  • Ashraf

    [@J.] [@Ashraf] I reinstalled and it looks like EaseUS only included one ISO in the program and since people are saying that is WinPE and not Linux-based, it looks like you can only create WinPE-based with this giveaway. I’m sorry :-(

    Where does it say WinPE not supported on XP?

  • Ashraf

    [@J.] I’ll reinstall it to see if only WinPE is available or Linux, too.

  • Ashraf

    [@Brian] [@J.] I guess they must have included the WinPE version then! Enjoy!

    [@MechaNic] The question is irrelevant seeing as people are reporting the giveaway includes WinPE not Linux.

  • MechaNic

    Could anyone please comment on my question (nr. 46)?
    The specs tell that the Linux bootable CD does not support hardware RAID. I’m not shure what that means.
    I have a NAS with two HD’s in RAID (ZYXEL NSA 325).
    Is it possible to backup to this NAS en to restore from it?

  • Kat

    Spot on!! Thanks muchly. Kat.. :-)

  • J.

    I just tried the ISO and also got the WinPE version instead of the Linux version.

    I don’t have WAIK and can’t use it since I use Windows XP; EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 5.8 requires WAIK 3.0, which has these system requirements:

    • Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2
    • Windows Vista SP1
    • Windows Server 2008 family
    • Windows 7 family
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 family

    I am unsure if the Linux version is included since I am only getting the WinPE version.

  • Brian

    I had the same thing happen as GP. The emergency disk ISO is WinPE, and I didn’t have WAIK installed.

  • Ashraf

    [@GP] Nothing had changed. You must have WAIK otherwose I have no explaination.

    [@Someguy] I thought about that but it wouldnt work — someone would jusy find the direct link that bypasses login filter and share that.

    [@AFPhy6] This would work to an extent but its a lota work and im lazy as hell. Lol.

    Thanka foe suggestion guys.

  • Ashraf

    [@iroc9555] Because this includes Linux bootable. Linux bootable ISO takes up over half that 310MB.

  • iroc9555

    Why is it 310 MB zip file ?

    The regular download for the workstation is only 109 MB

  • GP

    Did something change since it was originally uploaded? The boot disc ISO that was included in my download appears to be WinPE, and I’m able to create images by booting with it. I didn’t need to have WAIK installed….

  • FAUTH Etienne

    Pour l’instant impossible de me connecter sur le serveur avec IE8 et Star Downloader.Ca rame combien de temps faut-il attendre?
    Et merci pour ce log si j’arrive à le charger

  • MechaNic

    The specs tell that the Linux bootable CD does not support hardware RAID. I’m not shure what that means.
    I have a NAS with two HD’s in RAID.
    Is it possible to backup to tis NAs en to restore from it?
    Could anyone comment onm that?

  • AFPhy6


    A simple thing you might consider doing over the next 36 or whatever hours would be to change the name/URL of the dottech pages and files in question a few times by hand. You may have to change only the few links on your top page and within this article itself. If you did that even twice, it will frustrate the hot-linkers and their clients will visit here.

    And thanks again for the feast here. Installed. There was one long pause during installation (garbage collection of some type?) then it resumed. It uninstalled a previous ToDo version.

  • Someguy

    Ashraf, I bet a way to better secure the download link is by having a form on the post itself where you can enter an email to which to send the link, or the password. Or another way you could do it is to make a special password protected area of the site where you have to enter your DotTech login details before you have permission to download it. I bet that certainly will stop the bots.

  • jumbi

    Yes, I had installed WAIK, as Andy suggested in first comments and it worked just fine, a Win-PE bootable cd was created automatically. This is a nice work-around, although perhaps it should not be published here.

    Its understandable that the developer decided to limit re-install with the key…
    But for people with many computers at different cities, it is so frustrating, it would be better to allow a registration with personal keys, eg like paragon, perhaps with a limit in number of installations or something like that. There are many ways.

    The previous version giveaway had no separate key (it was probably included into the executable) and was very useful when someone needed to install to another computer and use it. I use it on many old computers, or friends machines, it has saved me lots of hours and always worked. For the next PCs, I will try both versions.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: You are welcome!

    [@andy] Thank you for that tidbit!

  • Ashraf

    [@Andre] That depends. Do you want your recovery partition to be backed up? If so, then do disk image. If you only want Windows to be backed up, do partition. If you are looking to restore to a different computer, then just do Windows because you will have no use for that recovery partition on that other computer.

    [@Shawn] Unfortunately there will always be people like that. In the past I’ve used some htaccess tricks to make sure the download link only worked when clicked on from dotTech but that caused too many broken downloads so I stopped doing it. So not much we can do :-( Thanks though!

  • Shawn


    Seems by searching the serial number at this hour that 5 sites have already copied the info and one is hotlinking to your site files.

  • Andre

    Quick question Ashraf. If my hard drive has Windows on C: and a recovery partition on Q:, am I better off with a disk image or partition image?

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone asking/commenting about not being able to install/reinstall later: That is in the hands of the developer, EaseUS in this case. I can only push them so much; I was able to get a 72-hours giveaway instead of 24-hours but they don’t want this to become an always free giveaway of their commercial program seeing as the key is the same for everyone (they need to make money, after all). If they allowed for installs/reinstalls later, essentially anyone could use this key for this program regardless of the fact if they took part in the giveaway during 72 hours or not; that is why the limit on having to install within the 72 hours. I’m sorry.

    However, the limit on installation doesn’t make this program useless. As an earlier commenter pointed out, if you install WAIK (1.7GB), you can actually create a WinPE bootable disk (even though this giveaway doesn’t officially support one) which allows you to create and restore backups from outside Windows, meaning you essentially have this program for free forever. Even if you don’t use the WinPE bootable, this program can still be used to backup/restore.

    Just create a backup from within Windows and store it in a safe place (CD, USB drive, hard drive, etc.) and create a Linux bootable. Then you can restore your backups on any and all computers you have using the Linux bootable and your backup, since restore to dissimilar hardware is supported. Keep in mind when you make a backup with EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation, Todo Backup Workstation is part of that backup. So when you restore the backup, on the same or other computer, you essentially get back EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation — there is no need to reinstall it.

    So, essentially, you will never lose EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation due to the installation limit — it will always be restored as part of the backups you make.

  • Mike

    A note to both EaseUS and Ashraf:

    Many thanks for the offer. But only a single install? What if one’s system goes down (which a program of this type is designed to help with)–what does one do then, with not being able to reinstall the program, to get one’s files back? Seems like a major “glitch” in the offer? :(

  • Martin

    Only activation…
    I have enough with Windows activation.
    I do not accept any other software with such annoyance. –> Uninstalled.

  • Tar?k

    thank you, very nice campaign.

  • Frank D

    [@weylin] I’ve been using AOMEI (free) Backupper for about two months and it is fantastic! Very fast, never interrupts my work, and already has saved me from a crash.

    On the other hand, today’s special offering got about 60% complete and LOCKED UP MY PC TWICE in two tries. It has been uninstalled.

  • JonE

    Thank You Derrik!

    Thank You Ashraf!

    Not sure about the usefulness of a install once only giveaway of this type; much like GOTD, but . . . . . . .

    Thank You!

  • Vali

    Thank you for this great giveaway.

  • weylin

    Tried to recover… DID NOT WORK!
    Lucky I had a recent image made with Aomei.

  • Guido


    Hi, you ‘re right.
    This is a very limiting point if we can’t reinstall later this giveaway.
    I was just wanting to reinstall my system in a short time, but it will be too late for me to install that software ! damned …

  • jumbi


    Thanks Andy, will try it now!

  • jumbi

    Just a small complaint:

    Since the linux cd cannot create backups, we should be allowed to install anytime.

    With these limits, one cannot use to another computer in the future…

  • jumbi

    I have used and tested the previous version and I have been terribly satisfied!

    Thanks for the new version!
    Yes, yes ,yes!!

  • salb4

    Quick question? Is this as good as Acronis? Thanks

  • Jeanjean

    @ Frank D
    In principle, I can do the same with Altiris SVS Virtualisation Agent. Thanks anyway !
    @ Louis
    The difference is explained in the post of Ashraf.
    @ Ashraf
    Being a big fan of Eaz-Fix, i like the possibility of this program to do snapshots of the system.
    Only difference : with EAZ-Fix the snapshots are located in the mbr (Space saving) and can be scheduled.

  • Louis

    Ashraf, thank you for organising this one !

    I did notice something before installing this — I have already got the Free (Home) version 2.5.1 installed, and with it came installed another piece of free software called WinPE Builder, which enables one to build a WinPE bootdisk, as the free home version only comes with theLinux boot disk maker .

    It appears this Workstation version has the WinPE function disabled. When I wanted to install it over the free version (since I am reluctant to let go of the Win PE Builder software that was installed with the free version), it requires me to uninstall the free version first — which is understandable I guess, however that would probably mean that I’ll be without the Win PE Builder software, which I assume will also be uninstalled (and will apparently not be replaced by installing this Workstation version.

    How important is the Win PE Builder software to have on my system (I admit not knowing much about Linux) ?

  • Urban

    Thanks for the giveaway. No problem installing etc. This gave me the opportunity to upgrade from ver. 4.0 which I bought some years ago. Easus TodoBackup is one of the best backup programs in my opinion. It takes four minutes to create the backup file ( 22GB ) to a secondary desk on my 5 year old CPU Q6600 2.4 Quad Core computer.

  • Frank D

    [@JT] Unfortunately, for this program, you’re right. I’ve used it successfully with almost a dozen programs so far, tested to see that they can be restored, and this is the first one for which I got that can’t-do-it because of the “kernel component” message. Bummer.

  • JT

    [@Frank D]
    That’s an awesome feature. I just tried it though, and it says the feature is not available for applications with kernel components. Maybe I did something wrong, but tried it twice with no luck. That would be nice though because if the system ever does crash I’d be unable to reinstall the program on the machine to restore my backup, unless I created backup discs(which I hate keeping track of, much easier on a USB drive etc.)

  • Mario

    Thanks Ashraf. Now it is working.

  • weylin

    Installed on Windows 8 64-bit fine.
    It also installed an entry at start-up for WinPE.
    It has many great features, I like it!

  • Ashraf
  • Frank D

    [@Jeanjean] If you have the free Comodo Programs Manager (http://programs-manager.comodo.com/) installed, you can then install the Easeus program as instructed during the giveaway time frame, then create an Installer file using CPM, and save it to an external drive. If you ever want to reinstall the registered, running program you can simply use the Installer you created using CPM to do that.

  • Mario

    unfortunatelly download did not work – got broken!
    thanks anyway

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Thanks for this! Like JT, I have missed the dotTech exclusives, and hopefully there will be more.

  • Druid

    Thank you “dottech”, The giveaway is appreciated

  • joopvanrij

    Even the downloas failes…

  • Rod

    When I click to Download the giveaway file, a new tab opens with the heading: “Access to the webpage was denied.” Could you please send me another download link?

  • BearPup

    I am a recent convert to EaseUS Todo from Paragon Backup & Recovery, so I especially appreciate the opportunity to get the full version for free. Thank you Ashraf & EaseUS! A Beary nice gift!

  • JT

    SWEET! I’ve missed the dottech giveaways! Thanks for this, and hope this trend is coming back!

  • jj

    [@jj] Working thanks so much,greatprogram

  • donotcrack

    Working !
    Thanks dottech !!

  • jj

    After entering code the next button stays dark and I can only go back.

  • AFPhy6

    Thanks so very much, EaseUS and Ashraf.

  • andy

    “Take note this giveaway includes Linux-based bootable recovery CD/DVD/USB but does not include WinPE-based bootable CD/DVD/USB”

    I have WAIK installed and was able to create the WinPE rescue disc,so although it requires extra work compared to the “full” version,it can be done.

  • Anders

    Why so large? 310 MB zipped! That worries me.

  • [@Jeanjean]

    Silly question… sorry !

  • Jeanjean

    Thank you very much.
    Can we resintall it ?

  • Mike M

    Thanks for the giveaway.