• Ashraf

    @Geoff: As far as I know, you should be OK if you uninstall v10 Personal. I say this because I have noticed Paragon installs their different editions into different folders.

    Anyway if, by chance, it does wreck your v9.5 Pro install, do you still have the installer? You should still have the v9.5 Pro registration key in your e-mail (the one you used to sign up with Paragon) and if you have the installer you can always reinstall v9.5 Pro.

    Hope that helps.

  • Geoff

    Hi Ash

    Nice review.

    Unfortunately, in an unthinking moment, I installed 10personal while
    9.5pro was still installed and now have both versions on the PC.

    Do you know if there are any implications for this situation? Looks
    as though I should uninstall 10 because I don’t need the upgrade facilities, but will this wreck the 9.5 install?



  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :D

    Wow!! ««Brilliant»» to have posted these graphs! Thanks.
    Much clear now.

    Indeed, it’s quite confusing to understand all these different versions they put out one after the other. Worse when they throw the .5 variable in the mix.
    Same w some Ashampoo’s softs … :(
    Sometimes a higher version n° is a downgrade instead of an upgrade! :roll:
    I understand the mktg strategy, but do they really need to be so convoluted!!?

    The other day you said you don’t know other languages, but I’m mighty glad you can translate & guide us through all this gibberish. For some of us IT IS a different language!! :)


  • SIW2

    You’re welcome.

    Obviously, what you don’t get with the giveaways apart from the WinPe disc and the virtualization manager – is support and free updates within the same major version.

    Interesting site – a lot of people , especially those at GOTD – appreciate your early overviews of the software.

  • Ashraf

    @SIW2: Good enough for me. Updated the post.


  • SIW2

    LOL Ashraf – I could post screenshots – not sure how to do that here tho.

    post number 20 on this thread:


    Hope it helps

  • Ashraf

    @SIW2 and @SIW2: Nice find. However I cannot verify because I no longer have PM 9.5 Pro =(.

    I can say though, PM 9.5 Pro did run on Win7 for me without problems; however notice I said “official” support =).

  • SIW2

    Hi Ashraf,

    The PM9.5 PRO DOES have the function to create the recovery environment on flash memory media.

    I agree that those who have the PM9.5 Pro will be better served by that than the PM 10 personal.

    Those who missed the 9.5 Pro will probably find they do not need the extra functions it provides – and will find today’s giveaway of PM 10 personal is another excellent program from Paragon.

    Hope it helps

  • SIW2

    Hi Ashraf.

    The build version of PM10 personal I have is 8622 not 7892.

    The build version for PM9.5 Pro is also 8622. It is a 64 bit installer.

    Clearly, PM9.5 Pro was available as a 64 bit installer as well.

    Equally clearly, PM9.5 Pro is exactly the same build – the same hdm.dll, biont.dll, biont.sys. All are

    Obviously, PM9.5Pro does support Win7 ( Paragon just didn’t mention it at the time).

  • mukhi

    is creating separate partitions for OS, extra installed software (like firefox, MS office), data (like docs, music, video) and the back-up (for OS, extra installed software and data) the best way?
    i use a single partition (say, default C drive) for keeping OS, extra installed software. i keep my data in an external drive. i just make a back-up of my data by titan back-up 1.5 in another external drive. i never back-up my OS/installed software.

  • Paulo Leme

    Great job, Ashraf, as always!
    Thanks a lot

  • PeterB

    Hi Ashraf.

    A truely great review. Really nice charts.
    It’s a keeper.
    Thank you very much.